Murder of Imette St. Guillen - Trial - Sentencing


Judge Abraham G. Gerges made the following statements about the case concerning Littlejohn and St. Guillen: “I hope that the conclusion of these proceedings today will provide you with some small measure of solace” speaking to St. Guillen’s relatives. Judge Gerges then directed comments to and about Littlejohn, calling him an unrepentant "predator" who should never taste freedom again. The Judge also paid tribute to St. Guillen describing her as a ‘promising woman who never deserved to die’ saying: "If there were truly justice in this world, I would have the power to bring her back to you," addressing Maureen and Alejandra, who cried in the courtroom. Continuing, he further said: "To my great sorrow, that is not possible." "This defendant is not fit to remain in civilized society." Gerges also noted that "While the defendant committed this horrific crime, what is also so disturbing about this case is the indifference of the people employed at the bar that night. This court cannot speak to the legal implications of serving someone who is intoxicated, and indeed that issue may be before another judge, but this court can decry the complete indifference and inhumanity of the workers there that night. They were all focused on finishing their shift and leaving. Not one of those people spared a thought to the wisdom of sending an intoxicated young woman out into the deserted streets of Manhattan at 4 a.m. If only one of them had the common decency to call a taxi, we might not be here in this courtroom today."

Littlejohn is to serve his sentence consecutively with his previous 25-year-to-life term for kidnapping a Queens woman.

David indicated after the sentencing that she would file a notice of appeal and indicated that Littlejohn remained silent, maintaining he was framed to protect Dorrian, and that instead of making a statement and David quoted him saying “there was really nothing for him to say. It’s hard for him to say he’s sorry for something he didn’t do,” she said.

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