Mount Garibaldi - Subsidiary Peaks

Subsidiary Peaks

The broad top of Mount Garibaldi contains three named peaks. The highest peak is named as the mountain itself, reaching 2,678 m (8,786 ft) above sea level. The second highest peak is the sharp pyramid of Atwell Peak at the southern edge of the summit plateau, which reaches a height of 2,655 m (8,711 ft) and lies on the southwest end of Garibaldi Provincial Park. This peak is named after Atwell Duncan Francis Joseph King, leader of the first ascent of Mount Garibaldi in 1907. The lowest of the three is the rounded Dalton Dome, 2,653 m (8,704 ft) high, west of the highest summit. This peak is named after Arthur Tinniswood Dalton, one of the guides of the 1907 ascent.

A feature on the north side of the mountain, known as The Tent, reaches 2,465 m (8,087 ft) and lies in Garibaldi Provincial Park. Another minor summit on the south side of the mountain, 2,056 m (6,745 ft) high, is known as Diamond Head (sometimes Little Diamond Head) for its resemblance to Diamond Head in Hawaii. Diamond Head was the site of a ski proposal and small lodge, now derelict. On the northwest side of Mount Garibaldi, Brohm Ridge lies outside the western boundary of Garibaldi Provincial Park. The Sharkfin sticks up out of the Warren Glacier on the northeast side of the mountain with a height of 2,000 m (6,562 ft), just northeast of Squamish. Columnar Peak rises on the south side of the mountain with a height of 1,826 m (5,991 ft), just southwest of Mamquam Lake at southwest end of Garibaldi Provincial Park. Two pinnacles of volcanic rock 5 km (3 mi) south of Mount Garibaldi's summit, which attain heights of 1,816 m (5,958 ft) and 1,823 m (5,981 ft), have been known as The Gargoyles since 1978.

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