Motives of The Second Sino-Japanese War

Motives Of The Second Sino-Japanese War

The Second Sino-Japanese War was not just a war between Japan and China, but involved many nations that had different vested interests that influenced their positions and actions taken during different phases of this war. It is clear that China had an intensely difficult task at hand in attempting to win Allies' support while they had motives not necessarily in congruence with China's.

Therefore in order to understand the complexity of the involvement of China and Japan, and the later involvement of the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and France in the Second Sino-Japanese War, it is important to appreciate the underlying reasons and motives of the different parties that they brought to the war.

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motives" class="article_title_2">Motives Of The Second Sino-Japanese War - Individual Nations and Their Respective Motives
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