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Dorothea Waddingham - Activities
... In February 1935 another patient named Mrs Kemp died from an illness which required large dosages of morphine ... will leaving her estate of £1,600 in trust for her mother after her death, and with the rest to be divided between two cousins, Lawrence Baguley and ... Ada had been informed that it was likely she would precede her mother in death ...
Now And Then (film) - Plot
1970s) Roberta Martin, a tough tomboy whose mother died when she was four Chrissy DeWitt, a naive girl who is sheltered by her mother and Tina "Teeny" Tercell, an outgoing girl who dreams of being famous ... Roberta comes across an article concerning her mother's death, which reveals that she died in a car accident ... information on Dear Johnny, including that he and his mother died together in a tragic accident ...
List Of Air Characters - Main Characters
... lives off his trade, a special form of stringless puppeteering that was taught to him by his mother before she died ... Her foster mother is Haruko Kamio who is actually her aunt, as her biological mother died while she was still young and her father gave her to Haruko ... beginning to accept and love her aunt Haruko like a true mother ...
Zhang Jiuling - During Emperor Xuanzong's Reign
... Zhang, because his mother was then old and at home in Shao Prefecture, requested to be posted to a prefecture south of the Yangtze River, so that he could better communicate with her ... that the brothers could all visit their mother on holidays ... After Zhang Shuo died near the new year 731, Emperor Xuanzong remembered Zhang Shuo's recommendations and recalled Zhang Jiuling to serve as Mishu Shaojian (秘書少監), the deputy head of the ...
Zhangsun Wuji - During Emperor Gaozong's Reign
... suggested to her that she propose that Emperor Gaozong's oldest son, Li Zhong, whose mother Consort Liu was of low birth, be made crown prince, believing that Li Zhong would be grateful to her ... brother Xue Wanbei (薛萬備) as well as Li Ke's mother Consort Yang and Consort Yang's younger son Li Yin, reduced to commoner rank and exiled ... Indeed, when Li Ke died, he cursed Zhangsun, stating "Zhangsun Wuji has stolen imperial power and falsely accused the faithful ...

Famous quotes containing the words died and/or mother:

    Allow me, whom Fortune always desires to bury, lay down my life in these final trivialities. Many have freely died in longlasting loves, among whose number may the earth cover me as well.
    Propertius Sextus (c. 50–16 B.C.)

    With a balanced combination of the two principal energies from mother and father, a girl can both be in touch with her womanly strengths and be a powerful force in the world—strong and nurturing, decisive and caring, goal- oriented and aware of the needs of others. She has the courage to voice what she thinks and feels and the strength to follow her destiny.
    Jeanne Elium (20th century)