Morse Code Test

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2-meter Band - Long Distance Communications 75 Miles and Beyond
... The typical 2 meter station using CW (Morse code) or SSB (single side band) modes consists of an exciter (radio) driving a linear amplifier which generates ... By speeding up Morse code using an audio tape recorder (this is an obsolete method), or using a computer and digital modes such as JT6M or FSK441, very short high speed bursts of digital data can be bounced off the ... and ham operators wishing to make contacts via aurora, must resort to CW (Morse code) ...
Amateur Radio Licensing In The United States - History of U.S. Amateur Licensing - 1951 Licensing Structure Decision
... license class required two exams, one on theory and one on Morse code, and each license was valid for five years (except Novice) ... license it remained the primary entry license until the Morse code requirement was eliminated for Technician licenses in 1990 ... On HF it permitted code transmissions only, with a maximum power of 75 watts, (input to the transmitter's final amplifier stage) on limited segments of the 80, 40 and 15 meter bands, and on ...

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