Molecular Clouds

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Interstellar Medium - Heating and Cooling - Heating Mechanisms
... heating source able to penetrate in the depths of molecular clouds ... For example in molecular clouds only hard x-rays can penetrate and x-ray heating can be ignored ... Chemical heating Molecular hydrogen can be formed on the surface of dust grains when two H atoms (which can travel over the grain) meet ...
Diazenylium - Chemistry
... N2H+ is found mostly in dense molecular clouds, where its presence is closely related to that of many other nitrogen-containing compounds ... used to indirectly determine the abundance of N2 in molecular clouds ... abundances (relative to H2) in a typical dense molecular cloud ...
Galaxy Merger
... get close enough to actually collide in galaxy mergers, giant molecular clouds rapidly fall to the center of the galaxy where they collide with other molecular clouds ... These collisions then induce condensations of these clouds into new stars. 1-10 billion years ago, when there was much more gas (and thus more molecular clouds) in galaxies ...

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