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  • Aidan Moffat, Scottish vocalist and musician of Arab Strap (band)
  • Alfred Edward Moffat (1863-1950), a Scottish musician, composer and collector of music.
  • Alfred Moffatt (1870–1956), Australian sportsman and administrator
  • Allan Moffat, (b. 1939) Canadian-Australian racing driver
  • Anne Moffat, (b. 1958) Scottish politician
  • Ariane Moffatt, Québécois singer and musician
  • Bernard Moffatt, Manx political campaigner and trade unionist
  • Dave Moffatt, Canadian musician
  • David Moffat, (1839-1911) American financier and industrialis
  • Donald Moffat, (b. 1930) American actor
  • George Moffat (1810-1878), New Brunswick businessman and Conservative politician
  • George Moffatt (1787-1865), Canadian businessman
  • George Moffat, Jr. (1848-1918), New Brunswick Conservative politician
  • George B. Moffat, Jr., American glider pilot
  • George Moffatt (English politician) (d. 1878)
  • Geraldine Moffat, (b. 1943) English ctress
  • Graham Moffat, Scottish playwright
  • Graham Moffatt, British actor
  • Howard Unwin Moffat (1869-1951) Rhodesian politician
  • James Moffat (disambiguation)
  • James Moffatt, theologian and Bible translator
  • Jay Pierrepont Moffat (1896-1943) American diplomat
  • Jerry Moffat (b. 1963) British climber
  • John Moffat (mining pioneer)
  • John Moffat (physicist)
  • John Moffat (pilot) who flew the aircraft which torpedoed the German Battleship Bismarck leading to her later destruction
  • John Moffatt (actor)
  • John Moffatt (producer)
  • John Smith Moffat, (1835-1918) British missionary
  • Laura Moffatt, British politician
  • Martin Moffat, (1884-1946) Irish soldier
  • Nicholas de Moffat, (d. 1270) Scottish cleric
  • Peter Moffat, British playwright and screenwriter
  • Peter Moffatt, (1922-2007) British television director
  • Robert Moffat, (1795-1883) Scottish (Congregationalist) missionary to Africa
  • Robert Moffat, (1956), senior executive at IBM and convicted felon
  • Robert Moffat, (1844-1887) New Brunswick businessman and political figure
  • Sarah Moffat, fictional television character from Upstairs, Downstairs
  • Scott Moffatt, U.S. musician of Canadian originin
  • Seth C. Moffatt, U.S. politician from Michigan
  • Siue Moffat, (b. 1973) writer and activist
  • Steven Moffat, (b. 1961) Scottish television writer and producer
  • Tracey Moffatt, (b. 1960) Australian photographic artist
  • William Bonython Moffatt, (1812–87) British architect
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