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Ango Sakaguchi - Further Reading
... by James Dorsey as “A Personal View of Japanese Culture” in Columbia Anthology of Modern Japanese Literature, ed ... by George Saitô as “The Idiot” in Modern Japanese Stories, ed ... Under Cherries in Full Bloom” in The Oxford Book of Japanese Short Stories, ed ...
Sōsaku-hanga - Further Reading
... Hanga Japanese creative prints ... Who’s Who in Modern Japanese Prints ... Japanese Woodblock Prints ...
Adjectival Noun (Japanese) - Modern Japanese
... There is one type of adjectival noun in modern usage, with inflections as follows ... 命令形 -daro -daQ -de -ni -da -na -nara The modern inflections are based on two primitive forms d- and n- ... Modern Japanese no longer inflects for imperative ...
Final Jomon - Genetic Make-up
... The relationship of Jōmon people to the modern Japanese and Ainu remains uncertain ... Some consider the Japanese of today to be descended from a mixture of the ancient hunter-gatherer Jōmon culture and a largely different group who populated the later rice agriculture Yayoi culture ... been found in some percentages of samples of modern Japanese, Ryukyuan, and Ainu males, may reflect patrilineal descent from members of a Jōmon period culture of the Japanese Archipelago ...
Japanese Architecture - Japanese Interior Design - Traditional Materials of The Interior
... Japanese interior design is very efficient in the use of resources ... Traditional and modern Japanese interiors have been flexible in use and designed mostly with natural materials ... A large portion of Japanese interior walls are often made of shōji screens that can be pushed open to join two rooms together, and then close them ...

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    The Japanese are, to the highest degree, both aggressive and unaggressive, both militaristic and aesthetic, both insolent and polite, rigid and adaptable, submissive and resentful of being pushed around, loyal and treacherous, brave and timid, conservative and hospitable to new ways.
    Ruth Benedict (1887–1948)

    Anne: He hit me, Jack. My own brother, he hit me.
    Jack: Your brother’s an old-fashioned man, he believes in a sister’s honor. Me, I’m Modern Man, the 20th-century type. I run.
    Robert Rossen (1908–1966)