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Mock Tudor (album)
... Mock Tudor is an album by Richard Thompson released in 1999 ... Capitol Records, Thompson teamed up with producers Tom Rothrock and Rob Schnapf, and Mock Tudor had a more straightforward production than his preceding albums on Capitol ... Thematically, Mock Tudor is split into three sections Metroland—comprising the first five songs, "Cooksferry Queen" to "Hard on Me", Heroes In The Suburbs—covering ...
Gateacre - Architecture
... century the 'black-and-white' or 'Mock Tudor' style became more common and is today synonymous with the area ... Also on Gateacre Brow are several slightly modified ashlar houses that have mock-Tudor facades, all of which are Grade II listed buildings ... The Soarer cottages were designed in Tudor Style with an open front courtyard and built from brick, with panelled stone-mullioned windows ...
Semi-Detached Mock Tudor
... Semi-Detached Mock Tudor is a live album by Richard Thompson As its name suggests, Semi-Detached Mock Tudor was recorded during the tour to promote Thompson's 1999 album Mock Tudor ... site which was launched simultaneously with Semi-Detached Mock Tudor ... Many fans consider the performances on Semi Detached Mock Tudor to be preferable to the "official album" ...

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