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St David's Marist Inanda - Marist Old Boys Society
... falls under the constitution set out by the Marist Old Boys Society or MOBS ... In recent years the MOBS committee has worked closely with The Foundation and with the PTA in a number of successful fund raising events ... The MOBS serve a number of alumni functions including data-base management, communications and reunion co-ordination as well as identifying and reporting the successes of past students in their personal lives ...
Mob (video Gaming) - Purpose of Mobs
... Defeating mobs may be required to gather experience points, money, items, or to complete quests ... Combat between player characters (PCs) and mobs is called player versus environment (PvE) ... PCs may attack mobs some mobs are aggressive, and attack PCs ...
Bombay Riots - The Events As Listed By The Srikrishna Commission - 8 December 1992
... violence spread to 33 jurisdictions, the number of clashes of rioting mobs with police as well as rioting mobs inter se increased alarmingly ... There were several cases of mob violence, stabbing and arson ... of curfew from the night of 7 December 1992 also did not appear to deter the clashing mobs in view of its effete enforcement ...
1984 Anti-Sikh Riots - Characteristics of Violence - Use of Voter Lists By The Congress Party
... In addition, because most of the mobs were illiterate, Congress Party officials provided help in reading the lists and leading the mobs to Sikh homes and businesses in ... By using the lists the mobs were able to pinpoint the locations of Sikhs they otherwise would have missed ... In some cases, the mobs returned to locations where they knew Sikhs were hiding after consulting their lists ...
Angry Mob
... An angry mob is a group of people who form a group ("mob") and protest, either violently or non-violently, against a common theme, object, policy or ruler which ... Such "mobs" can take many forms, such as picketing, rioting and silent vigils ... one merely becomes part of an "angry mob" ...

Famous quotes containing the word mobs:

    The mob in silence leaves their prince’s side,
    And to the coming ruler gives its love,
    And is with mobs the custom.
    Publius Papinius Statius (c. 40–96)