Mirna may refer to:

geographical entities
  • Mirna (Croatia), a river in Istria, Croatia
  • Mirna (Sava), a river in Slovenia, right tributary of the Sava River
  • Mirna (settlement), a settlement in the Municipality of Mirna in southeastern Slovenia
  • Mount Mirna, a hill in the Municipality of Semič, southeastern Slovenia
  • Mirna (name)
  • Mirna Jukić, a bronze medal winner in swimming
  • Mirna Khayat, a Lebanese music video director
  • microRNA, abbreviated as miRNA
  • USS Mirna (SP-1214), a United States Navy patrol boat in commission from 1917 to 1918

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Mirna (Sava)
... The Mirna is a river in southeastern Slovenia ... settlement of Velika Preska, flows through the Mirna Valley and joins the Sava at Dolenji Boštanj, opposite Sevnica ... The largest settlement on the river is Mirna ...
Liver X Receptor Alpha - Expression
... miRNA hsa-miR-613 autoregulates the human LXRα gene by targeting the endogenous LXRα through its specific miRNA response element (613MRE) within the LXRα 3′-u ... suppression via induction of SREBP1c which upregulates miRNA hsa-miR-613 ...
Mirna (name)
... Mirna (Croatian/Mirna Serbian/Мирна) is a female name common among Croats and Serbs ... Derived from the Slavic element mir, Mirna means "peaceful." It is often confused with the name 'Myrna' (/myrrhna/), which is not Slavic in origin, but Celtic and ...
Mir-29 Micro RNA Precursor - MiRNA Processing
... Animal miRNAs are first transcribed as a primary miRNA molecule ... This "pri-miRNA" may contain one or more precursor hairpins, which are freed from the pri-miRNA by the nuclear enzyme Drosha ... from the nucleus and subsequently processed by the Dicer enzyme to give a mature miRNA that is on average 22 nucleotides long ...