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History Of The Single-lens Reflex Camera - Standardization of Designs - Miranda Camera Company
... Miranda produced early SLRs in the 1950s which were initially manufactured with external auto-diaphragms, then added a second mount with internal auto-diaphragm ... To list some of Miranda's cameras with external diaphragm, there was the Miranda Sensorex line ... The internal auto-diaphragm Miranda cameras consisted of the Miranda 'D', the popular Miranda 'F', the 'FV' and the 'G' model, which had a larger than normal ...
History Of The Single-lens Reflex Camera - Chronology - 1950s
... to 1983, Asahi Optical (today called Pentax and owned by Hoya) manufactured cameras exclusively of SLR type and has made them in the greatest variety ... The first camera with a built-in meter (also uncoupled) was the Zeiss Ikon Contaflex (Germany) 35 mm twin-lens reflex (TLR) camera of 1935 ... also designed the Robot (Germany) of 1934, the first 24×24 mm 35 mm (not 135 type) camera ...

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