Minangkabau may refer to:

  • the Minangkabau people
  • the Minangkabau language
  • the Minangkabau Highlands of Sumatra
  • The Padri War is also called the Minangkabau War, and was fought from 1803 until 1837 in West Sumatra between two rival Muslim factions
  • Minangkabau International Airport

Other articles related to "minangkabau":

Limapuluh Koto Regency - Administration
... is divided in 13 subdistricts (kecamatan) Akabiluru Bukik Barisan (meaning row of hills in Minangkabau language) Guguak Gunuang Omeh (meaning golden mountain in Minangkabau language) Harau Kapur IX Luak ...
Perisai Diri - Techniques - Minangkabau
... The martial arts of the Minangkabau region (known collectively as silek) in West Sumatra are among the oldest in Indonesia and are characterised by their focus on ground-fighting ...
Ahmad Khatib
... Shaikh Ahmad Khatib (1860 – 1916) was a Minangkabau Indonesian Islamic teacher ... He refused about matrilineal system in Minangkabau ... Through Minangkabau students who learned in Mecca, he sponsored a modified Minangkabau culture based on al-Quran ...