Methyl Red

Methyl Red (pH indicator)
below pH 4.4 above pH 6.2
red">4.4 6.2

Methyl red (2-(N,N-Dimethyl-4-aminophenyl)azobenzenecarboxylic acid), also called C.I. Acid Red 2, is an indicator dye that turns red in acidic solutions. It is an azo dye, and is a dark red crystalline powder.

Methyl red is a pH indicator; it is red in pH under 4.4, yellow in pH over 6.2, and orange in between, with a pKa of 5.1.

Murexide and methyl red are investigated as promising enhancers of sonochemical destruction of chlorinated hydrocarbon pollutants.

Methyl red is classed by the IARC in group 3 - unclassified as to carcinogenic potential in humans.

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