Mental Health Act

Mental Health Act is a stock short title used for legislation in the United Kingdom relating to Mental health law.

The Bill for an Act with this short title may have been known as a Mental Health Bill during its passage through Parliament.

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Involuntary Commitment - Around The World - Europe - United Kingdom
... sectioning," using various sections of the Mental Health Act 1983 (covering England and Wales), the Mental Health (Northern Ireland) Order 1986 and the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003 ... In England and Wales, approved mental health professionals have a lead role in coordinating Mental Health Act assessments, which they conduct in cooperation with usually two medical practitioners ... Under the Mental Health Act, detention is determined by utility and purpose ...
Mental Health Act - United States
... The National Mental Health Act of 1946, which called for the establishment of a National Institute of Mental Health The Community Mental Health Act, created by John F ... Kennedy in 1963 as part of his New Frontier The Mental Health Parity Act of 1996 ...
Christine Dean
... (BAPAM), The Helen Bamber Foundation, in her private practice and as a medical member of the Mental Health Review Tribunals, Ministry of Justice (England and Wales) ... to hospital admissions for people with acute mental health problems ... in the UK, following the Griffiths Report (1983), and managed the mental health services, the community services and the dental hospital at Central ...
Sunbury Asylum
... has been altered several times to reflect both the community's changing attitude towards mental illness and the Victorian Government's approach to the treatment of ... The Lunacy Act 1903 (No.1873) of changed the title of all "asylums" to "hospitals for the insane" ... This Act came into operation in March 1905 ...
Approved Mental Health Professional - Further Reading
... The Mental Health Act Code of Practice is the best guide to the roles and responsibilities of each professional involved in Mental Health Act assessments ... Richard Jones's Mental Health Act Manual (11th edition) has long been a standard reference for approved social workers and now AMHPs ... relative and has been updated to include the new amended Mental Health Act 2007 ...

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    Mental health depends upon the maintenance of a balance within the personality between the basic human urges and egocentric wishes on the one hand and the demands of conscience and society on the other hand.
    Selma H. Fraiberg (20th century)

    Awareness has changed so that every act for children, every piece of legislation recognizes that children are part of families and that it is within families that children grow and thrive—or don’t.
    Bernice Weissbourd (20th century)

    Industrial man—a sentient reciprocating engine having a fluctuating output, coupled to an iron wheel revolving with uniform velocity. And then we wonder why this should be the golden age of revolution and mental derangement.
    Aldous Huxley (1894–1963)

    The middle years of parenthood are characterized by ambiguity. Our kids are no longer helpless, but neither are they independent. We are still active parents but we have more time now to concentrate on our personal needs. Our children’s world has expanded. It is not enclosed within a kind of magic dotted line drawn by us. Although we are still the most important adults in their lives, we are no longer the only significant adults.
    —Ruth Davidson Bell. Ourselves and Our Children, by Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, ch. 3 (1978)