Medical Reserve Corps - Types of Volunteers

Types of Volunteers

Possible front-line medical and public health volunteers include:

  • physicians (D.O.) or (M.D.) (e.g., including surgeons, medical specialists)
  • physician assistants
  • nurses (e.g., nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, nursing assistants)
  • pharmacists
  • dentists
  • dental assistants
  • optometrists
  • veterinarians
  • emergency medical technicians
  • public health workers
  • epidemiologists
  • infectious disease specialists
  • toxicologists
  • mental health practitioners (e.g., psychologists, substance abuse counselors, social workers)
  • health educators/communicators
  • other medical and public health professionals

Possible administrative and other support volunteers include:

  • administrators and business managers
  • administrative assistants and office support staff
  • drivers
  • chaplains
  • training directors
  • trainers
  • volunteer coordinators
  • fundraising professionals
  • supply and logistics managers & workers
  • interpreters/translators
  • amateur radio operators
  • other support personnel

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