Media Portal

Media Portal

MediaPortal is an open-source media center software project, often considered an alternative to Windows Media Center . It provides a 10-foot user interface for performing typical PVR/TiVo functionality, including playing, pausing, and recording live TV; playing DVDs, videos, and music; viewing pictures; and other functions. Plugins allow it to perform additional tasks, such as watching online video, listening to music from online services such as, and launching other applications such as games. It interfaces with the hardware commonly found in HTPCs, such as TV tuners, infrared receivers, and LCD displays.

The MediaPortal source code was initially forked from XBMC, though it has been almost completely re-written since then. MediaPortal runs only under Microsoft Windows, unlike most other open-source media center programs such as MythTV and XBMC, which are usually cross-platform.

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Media Portal - Requirements - Operating System and Software Requirements - Software Prerequisites
... Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 DirectX 9.0c Windows Media Player 11(Only required on XP SP3, Windows Vista comes with WMP11 and Windows 7 comes with WMP12 already) ...

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