Mechanoid (Gao Gai Gar) - Methods


Fusion: The act of a natural or semi-artificial life-form entering the body of the mechanical entity and synchronizing with it to gain control, transforming the mechanical entity into humanoid form when doing so.

Final Fusion: The act of combining a GGG or Green Planet mechanoid with supplemental machines to vastly increase its strength and abilities, creating a "Super Mechanoid."

Mega Fusion: The act of reconsolidating the J-Ark (or J-Battler) into that of a larger humanoid form (King J-Der).

Chemical Fusion: The act of combining a Loud G-Stone equipped program (namely Palparepa) with a large object resembling a molecule, shattering the latter into particles that reconsolidate into the form of a Mechanoid (namely Palparepa Plus).

Giga Fusion: The act of reconsolidating Pia Decem Pit into a larger humanoid form (Pia Decem Peak). Identical in all ways to Mega Fusion.

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