Maud may also refer to:

  • SS Dronning Maud, a Norwegian Hurtigruten ship sunk under controversial circumstances by German bombers during the 1940 Norwegian Campaign
  • Maud, a ship used from 1918 to 1925 by Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen in exploring the Northeast Passage (now known as the Northern Sea Route)
  • Maud a Norfolk wherry built in 1899
  • MAUD Committee, the beginning of the British atomic bomb project, before the United Kingdom joined forces with the United States in the Manhattan Project
  • MAUD Program, a program for analysis of materials using diffraction, based on the Rietveld refinement method
  • USS Maud (SP-1009), a United States Navy patrol boat in commission from 1917 to 1919

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Maud, Countess Of Leicester - Ancestry
... Ancestors of Maud, Countess of Leicester 16 ... Maud Chaworth 22 ... Maud FitzJohn 1 ...
Maud De Braose, Baroness Wigmore - Legacy
... In 1300, Maud is recorded as having presented to a vacant benefice in the Stoke Bliss parish church in Herefordshire, its advowson having originally belonged to the ... Maud died on an unknown date shortly before 23 March 1301, and she was buried in Wigmore Abbey ... England from 1413, as well as Mary, Queen of Scots, were directly descended from Maud, as is the current British Royal Family ...
Sir Thomas Parr - Marriage
... Thomas Parr married Maud Green (6 April 1495 – 1 December 1531), daughter of Sir Thomas Green and Joan Fogge in 1508 ... their most famous offspring, Catherine (also spelled Katherine), Maud gave birth to a son ... This occurred not long after Maud and Thomas' marriage ...
Maud (wherry) - History
... Maud was built by D S Hall of Reedham for Walter Bunn, a builder's merchant of Great Yarmouth ... Yare and Waveney Lighter Co Ltd, of Norwich and then in 1918 Maud was sold to Hobrough's of Norwich ... They used Maud as a lighter until after the Second World War, when she was fitted with a Kelvin engine ...
SS Dronning Maud (1925)
68.698617°N 17.439450°E / 68.698617 17.439450 Career (Norway) Name SS Dronning Maud Namesake Queen Maud of Norway Owner Det Nordenfjeldske Dampskipsselskap Port of registry Trondheim ... Dronning Maud was ordered by the Trondheim-based company Det Nordenfjeldske Dampskipsselskap for the passenger and freight service Hurtigruten along the coast of Norway ...

Famous quotes containing the word maud:

    The Judge looked back as he climbed the hill,
    And saw Maud Muller standing still.
    John Greenleaf Whittier (1807–1892)