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Vladimir Gilelevich Maz'ya - Biography - Honors
... Maz'ya was awarded the "Young Mathematician" prize by the Leningrad Mathematical Society, for his results on Sobolev spaces he was the first winner of the prize ... He was elected member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2000, and of the Swedish Academy of Science in 2002 ... On the 31th of August 2003 he was awarded the Celsius Gold Medal, the Royal Society of Sciences in Uppsala's top award, "for his outstanding research on partial differential equations and ...
Rostislav Grigorchuk - Biographical Data
... AMS Invited Address at the March 2004 meeting of the American Mathematical Society in Athens, Ohio and a plenary talk at the 2004 Winter Meeting of the ... is the Editor-in-Chief of the journal "Groups, Geometry and Dynamics", published by the European Mathematical Society, and a member of the editorial boards of the journals "International ...
Artemas Martin - Awards and Societies
... He was elected to the London Mathematical Society in 1878, the Société Mathématique de France in 1884, the Edinburgh Mathematical Society in 1885 ... He was also a member of the American Mathematical Society, the Circolo Matematico di Palermo, the Mathematical Association of England, and the Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung ...
International Congress Of Mathematicians - History - ICMs and The International Mathematical Union
... This was the immediate predecessor of the current International Mathematical Union ... scheduled to be held in New York, but had to be moved to Toronto after the American Mathematical Society withdrew its invitation to host the congress, in protest against the exclusion ... of a boycott of the congress by the American Mathematical Society and the London Mathematical Society, the congress' organizers decided to hold the 1928 ICM under the auspices of the ...
Shmuel Weinberger
... book on topologically stratified spaces and one on the application of mathematical logic to geometry. 2004), the Blumenthal Lectures at Tel Aviv University (2005), the Hardy Lectures of the London Mathematical Society (2008), the William Benter Lecture at the City University of Hong Kong (2010), and the ... Congress of Mathematics (2008), the American Mathematical Society (1989), the Canadian Mathematical Society (2006), and the Association for Symbolic Logic (2001) ...

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    This century fulfills the office of road-laborer for the society of the future. We make the road, others will make the journey.
    Victor Hugo (1802–1885)

    An accurate charting of the American woman’s progress through history might look more like a corkscrew tilted slightly to one side, its loops inching closer to the line of freedom with the passage of time—but like a mathematical curve approaching infinity, never touching its goal. . . . Each time, the spiral turns her back just short of the finish line.
    Susan Faludi (20th century)