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Capital, Volume I - Part Four: The Production of Relative Surplus-Value - Chapter 15: Machinery and Large-Scale Industry
... Development of Machinery In this section, Marx explains the significance of machinery to capitalists and how it is applied to the workforce ... Marx discusses tools and machines and their application to the process of production ... Marx claims that many experts, including himself, cannot distinguish between tools and machines ...
Law Of Value - Law of Value in Capitalism - Production Prices
... In such an economy, Marx argues, what directly regulates the economic exchange of new labour-products is not the law of value, but their prices of production ... The theoretical problem which Marx then tries to tackle is how the movements of production prices across time are nevertheless regulated by the law of value ... a given type of commodity converges on a particular "normal" price-level, then, Marx argues, the real reason is, that only at that price-level the commodity can be supplied at an ...
Capital, Volume I - Part Four: The Production of Relative Surplus-Value - Chapter 14: The Division of Labour and Manufacture
... In this section 1, The Dual Origin of Manufacture, Marx examines manufacture as a method of production involving specialized workers, or craftsmen, working on their own detailed task ... Marx cites the assembly of a carriage as an example of the first way this is brought about ... The Specialized Worker and his Tools In this section, Marx argues that a worker who performs only one task throughout his life will perform his job at a ...
Abstract Labour And Concrete Labour - Abstract Labour and Exchange
... Marx himself considered that all economising reduced to the economical use of human labour-time "to economise" ultimately meant saving on human energy ... the various demands on his activity." - Karl Marx, Grundrisse, Notebook 1, October 1857 However, according to Marx, the achievement of abstract thinking about human labour ... In fact, Marx argues the abstraction of labour in thought is the reflex of a real process, in which commercial trade in products not only alters the way labour is viewed, but also how it ...
Unequal Exchange in Marxian Economics
... Karl Marx aimed to go beyond moral discussion, in order to establish what, objectively speaking, real values are, how they are established, and what the objective regulating ... Marx's answer is that "real value" is essentially the normal labour cost involved in producing it, its real production cost, measured in units of labour time or in cost-prices ... Marx argues that the "real values" in a capitalist economy take the form of prices of production, defined as the sum of the average cost price (goods used up + labour costs ...

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