Martina is a female name, a female form of Martin. It may refer to:

  • Martina (given name), including a list of people with the given name Martina
  • Martina (album), an album by Martina McBride
  • A.C. Martina, Italian football club
  • 981 Martina, asteroid
  • Martina, Switzerland, village in the Grisons
  • La Martina, Argentine sportswear company and sponsor of international polo

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... Andrea Pavelková, Alica Székelyová, Gabriela Tomaseková, and Martina Viestová ... Veronika Hrončeková, Simona Kleskeňová, Veronika Krajčová, Paula Kubová, Martina Noseková, Alica Székelyová, and Martina Viestová ...
Martina, Switzerland
... Martina (rare Martinsbruck) is a village in the Lower Engadine valley, in Graubünden, Switzerland ...
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... Martina Xoana Mel Navratilova (マルチナ・ゾアナ・メル・ナブラチロワ, Maruchina Zoana Meru Naburachirowa?) is the princess of the kingdom of Zoana who, along with her father the king ... Amelia then used the Dragon Slave to destroy Martina's castle and kingdom ... Enraged, Martina ran off and learned magic so that she could take revenge on Lina ...