Maria Fold and Thrust Belt - Ranges


The Maria fold-and-thrust-belt comprises a large number of ranges in the south-eastern Mojave and north-western Sonoran deserts, including the:

  • Big Horn Mountains
  • Big Maria Mountains
  • Bouse Hills
  • Buckskin Mountains
  • Dome Rock Mountains
  • Granite Wash Mountains
  • Harcuvar Mountains
  • Harquahala Mountains
  • Little Harquahala Mountains
  • Little Maria Mountains
  • McCoy Mountains
  • Mesquite Mountains
  • Moon Mountains
  • Mule Mountains
  • New Water Mountains
  • Palen Mountains
  • Plomosa Mountains
  • Rawhide Mountains
  • Riverside Mountains
  • Whipple Mountains

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Ranges - (1.) Lev. 11:35. Probably a cooking furnace for two or more pots, as the Hebrew word here is in the dual number; or perhaps a fireplace fitted to receive a pair of ovens.

(2.) 2 Kings 11:8. A Hebrew word is here used different from the preceding, meaning "ranks of soldiers." The Levites were appointed to guard the king's person within the temple (2 Chr. 23:7), while the soldiers were his guard in the court, and in going from the temple to the palace. The soldiers are here commanded to slay any one who should break through the "ranks" (as rendered in the R.V.) to come near the king. In 2 Kings 11:15 the expression, "Have her forth without the ranges," is in the Revised Version, "Have her forth between the ranks;" i.e., Jehoiada orders that Athaliah should be kept surrounded by his own guards, and at the same time conveyed beyond the precincts of the temple.

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