Marble Blast Gold

Marble Blast Gold is a 3D platformer game. It was pre-installed on some Apple Inc. computers like the iMac, iBook and Mac Mini. It is also available for Windows operating systems as well as various Linux distributions. The sequel, Marble Blast Ultra, was released a few years later for the Xbox 360 platform, and features improved graphics and new features. Modifications were also created for Marble Blast Gold by the Marble Blast community, such as Platinum and Emerald.

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Marble Blast Gold - Reception
... On GameRankings, Marble Blast Gold received an 8.4/10 rating, "Addictive gameplay and appealing levels lead to some of the best fun that $14.99 can buy" ... On Gametunnel, the game was rated 9/10 overall, "Marble Blast Gold is another great entry into the marble genre and a showpiece for the Torque engine ... to challenge your hand-eye coordination." On February 1, 2011, Marble Blast Gold was removed from the GarageGames store and is no longer available to ...

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