Manual Keigo

Manual keigo (マニュアル敬語?), is a controversial form of honorifics (keigo) in the Japanese language. Employers such as fast-food and convenience-store chains publish training manuals for employees, especially young part-timers who have little experience with honorifics. These manuals incorporate nonstandard formulas for servers and cashiers to use when addressing customers, most often by using alternate expression which are longer and vaguer than the standard expression. Manual keigo is opposed by language purists on the grounds that keigo has fixed, unchangeable grammatical constructions.

Other terms for the same phenomenon include "part-timer's (baito) keigo," "convenience-store keigo," and "family-restaurant keigo."

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Manual Keigo - Forms - Complex and Confused Humble Speech: Sasete Itadakimasu
... is disputed even in contexts where it technically makes sense, as baito keigo users tend to use it indiscriminately to refer to both what they will do and what they want ...
Honorific Speech In Japanese - Manual Keigo
... For more details on this topic, see Manual keigo ... A form of ersatz keigo is used in some convenience stores and fast-food restaurants, with the young, often part-time employees—often unskilled in standard keigo ... Accordingly, it is known as マニュアル敬語 (manyuaru keigo, "manual keigo") or バイト敬語 (baito keigo, "part-timer keigo") ...

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