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In 1997, Menon was recruited to become chairman of urology at Henry Ford Hospital in to revive the prostate cancer program. In 2001, Henry Ford Hospital’s urology department would receive a $20 million donation from the Vattikuti foundation. The donation helped establish the Vattikuti Urology Institute (VUI) and would allow Menon’s team to explore minimally invasive means of treating prostate cancer.
Menon and the staff at the VUI would develop robotic procedures in general (for example, bladder, kidney cancer) and the prostatectomy in particular. The robotic prostatectomy developed by Menon is called the “Vattikuti Institute Prostatectomy”. Specialised laparoscopic instruments are used for the procedure. During the operation, images from a 3-D camera are projected to a remote console. The surgeons operates in virtual reality, observing the images on a screen. This technology serves to make the surgery less invasive and more precise. Menon has performed nearly 4,000 robotic prostatectomies and is considered a world authority on the use robotic surgery for prostate cancer.

In his years as Director of VUI, Menon has trained and mentored fellow surgeon, Ashutosh Tewari. To this day, Menon and Tewari collaborate on clinical manuscripts, research abstracts, conference lectures, and other projects. Both surgeons have significantly influenced the field of robotic surgery as it applies to urology, refining patient outcomes as well as boosting the surgical robot industry.

In November of 2011, Dr. Mani Menon was the keynote presenter and surgeon at prominent hospitals in six of India’s major cities as part of the Vattikuti Foundation “Road Show”. The Road Show was designed as a way to teach and inspire the medical community and public in India about the benefits of robotic surgery. The undertaking began in Gurgaon, and when it was over, two weeks later, 28 robotic procedures would demonstrate procedures in Urology and Gynecology to very interested audiences. Lectures and media interviews helped the public gain an understanding.

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