Malia could refer to:

  • Malia, Cyprus, a village in southern Cyprus
  • Malia, Crete, a town on the north coast of Crete
  • Malia or Maliya, a taluka (administrative division) in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat, India
  • Malia, Iran, a village
  • Malians (Greek tribe), in Ancient Greece
  • Liz Malia, American politician
  • Martin Malia (1924–2004), American historian specializing in Russian history
  • Malia Hosaka (born 1969), American professional wrestler
  • Malia Jones (born 1977), American model and surfer
  • Malia Scotch Marmo, American screenwriter
  • Malia Metella (born 1982), French Olympian swimmer
  • Malia Obama (born 1998), daughter of U.S. President Barack Obama
  • Malia (singer), a Malawian vocalist
  • Francis (footballer) (born 1981), full name Francisco Jesús Pérez Malia, Spanish footballer
Other uses
  • Malia (bird), a passerine bird endemic to Sulawesi
  • Malta Library and Information Association
  • Malia (Hawaiian canoe)

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... in 1996 as CHIC (Olivier/Godard 1996), mainly excavated at four locations "Quartier Mu" at Malia (MM II) the hieroglyphic deposit at Malia palace (MM III) the hieroglyphic deposit at Knossos (MM II or III ... CHIC I 123-179) sealstones (CHIC S 180-314) the Malia altar stone the Phaistos Disk the Arkalochori Axe seal fragment HM 992, showing a single symbol, identical to ...
Liz Malia
... "Liz" Malia (born September 30, 1949) is an American politician from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ... Malia graduated from Boston College in 1971 with a BA in Education and English, returning in 1989 to complete the graduate certificate program at the Center for Women in Politics ... to take up an associate professorship at Brandeis University and Malia jumped into the race to succeed him ...
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