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Vietnamese Script - Phonology - Vowels
... Asian languages, Vietnamese has a comparatively large number of vowels ... Below is a vowel diagram of Hanoi Vietnamese Front Central Back High i ư u Upper Mid ê ơ ô Lower Mid e â o Low ă / a Front, central, and low vowels (i ... The vowels â and ă are pronounced very short, much shorter than the other vowels ...
Historical Chinese Phonology - From Early Middle Chinese To Late Middle Chinese
... Changes mostly involve initials, medials, and main vowels ... emerges, from EMC labials followed by /j/ and an EMC back vowel ... The phonemic glides /i/ and /y/ are vocalic and before short vowels /a/ and /ə/, but semivocalic and before long vowel /aː/ ...
Historical Chinese Phonology - From Old Chinese To Early Middle Chinese - Medials and Finals
... The following are the main developments that produced Early Middle Chinese (EMC) from Old Chinese (OC) Type-B syllables developed a /j/ glide ... a palatal sibilant and/or raised a following main vowel ... (Contrarily, type-A syllables often lowered a following main vowel, with a high vowel diphthongizing, e.g ...

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    Brute animals have the vowel sounds; man only can utter consonants.
    Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772–1834)

    Aggression, the writer’s main source of energy.
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