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Xiaolin Wu's Line Algorithm
... y0 + gradient * (xend - x0) xgap = rfpart(x0 + 0.5) xpxl1 = xend // this will be used in the main loop ypxl1 = ipart(yend) if steep then plot(ypxl1, xpxl1 ...
Shifting nth Root Algorithm - Algorithm - Main Loop
... The first invariant says that or So, pick the largest integer β such that and let Such a β always exists, since if then the condition is, but, so this is always true ... Also, β must be less than B, since if then we would have but the second invariant implies that and since and are both multiples of the difference between them must be at least, and then we have but by definition of α, so this can't be true, and is a monotonically increasing function of β, so it can't be true for larger β either, so we conclude that there exists an integer γ with such that an integer r' with exists such that the first invariant holds if and only if ...
Event-driven Programming - Event Handlers - Creating Event Handlers
... routines handle the events to which the main program will respond ... Most event-driven programming environments already provide this main loop, so it need not be specifically provided by the application programmer ... concept was similar to event driven programming discussed above, provided a built-in main I/O loop (known as the "program cycle") where the calculations responded in ...

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    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)