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Coot (program) - Features - Model Building Tools
... model building C-alpha baton mode - trace the main chain of a protein by placing correctly spaced alpha-carbon atoms ... initial trace of the alpha-carbon atoms to a full main-chain trace ... mutate) Torsion editing (edit chi angles, edit main chain torsions, general torsions) Other protein tools (flip peptide, flip sidechain, cis trans) Tools for adding atoms to the model Find ...
HB Plot - Features
... The plot distinguishes between main chain-main chain, main chain-side chain and side chain-side chain hydrogen bonding interactions ...
Geography Of The Alps - Main Chain
... For more details on this topic, see Main chain of the Alps ... The "main chain of the Alps" follows the watershed from the Mediterranean to the Wienerwald, passing over many of the highest and most famous peaks in the Alps ... Upon reaching the Swiss border, the line of the main chain heads approximately east-north-east, a heading it follows until its end near Vienna ...
Inorganic Polymer - Examples
... Homochain polymers with one kind of atom in the main chain Silicon-Silicon Polysilanes Germanium-germanium Polygermanes Tin-tin Polystannanes ... Heterochain polymers with more than one type of atom in the main chain, mostly two types of atoms alternate along the main chain Boron-nitrogen Polyborazylenes Silicon-Oxygen Polysiloxanes like the ...

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