Macquarie Harbour - Named Features

Named Features

Birchs Inlet - at south west end of harbour
Bird River - mouth in Kelly Basin
Bonnet Island - in Kelly Channel at entrance to harbour (42° 13′ S, 145° 14′ E}
Braddon River - mouth on mid-eastern shore
Entrance Island - at entrance to harbour (42° 12′ S, 145° 14′ E)
Farm Cove - at south east side
Gould Point - adjacent to Farm Cove
Gordon River - mouth on south eastern end of harbour
Hell's Gates - mouth at north west end of harbour
Kelly Basin - port/town at southern end of harbour - also named Pillinger
Kelly Channel - at entrance to harbour
King River - mouth at north east of harbour
Lettes Bay - between Regatta Point and King River mouth
Liberty Point - on mid western shore
Long Bay - south of Regatta Point
Philips Island - adjacent to mouth of Braddon River on east shore
Pine Cove - just south of the King River Mouth
Regatta Point - eastern side of Risby Cove
Risby Cove - water between Strahan Harbour and Regatta Point
Rum Point - on western shore south of Sarah Island
Sarah Island - in southern part of Harbour
Sophia Point - on mid-eastern shore
Strahan Harbour - from Strahan Point parallel to 'The Esplanade'
Swan Basin - near Hell's Gates

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