Macquarie is a commonly encountered name for geographical and business entities in Australia, all of which are directly or indirectly named after Lachlan Macquarie, early colonial administrator and governor of New South Wales.

Macquarie may refer to:

  • Division of Macquarie, an electoral district in the Australian House of Representatives in New South Wales
  • Macquarie, Australian Capital Territory, a suburb of Canberra, Australia
  • Macquarie Park, New South Wales, a suburb of Sydney, Australia
    • Macquarie Centre, a regional sized shopping centre located in Macquarie Park
  • Macquarie Telecom, an Australian telecommunications company, specialising in voice, data, mobile and hosting services for commercial and government business.
  • Macquarie Group, an Australian company, composed of diversified financial services
    • Macquarie Bank, an Australian merchant bank
  • Macquarie County, New South Wales, one of the 141 Cadastral divisions of New South Wales, Australia
  • Macquarie Island, in the Southern Ocean
  • Macquarie Lighthouse, a lighthouse in the suburb of Vaucluse, New South Wales, Australia
  • Macquarie River, an inland river in New South Wales, Australia
    • Macquarie Marshes Nature Reserve
  • Macquarie Street, Sydney, a street in Sydney, Australia
  • Macquarie University, a university in Sydney, Australia
    • Macquarie Dictionary, a dictionary of Australian English
    • Macquarie Graduate School of Management
    • Macquarie University Hospital
    • Macquarie University Research Park
  • Port Macquarie, New South Wales, a city in Macquarie County, New South Wales, Australia

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