Luo may refer to:

  • Luo peoples, an ethno-linguistic group of eastern and central Africa
    • Luo people of Kenya and Tanzania or Joluo, an ethnic group in western Kenya, eastern Uganda, and northern Tanzania
      • Luoland, the tribal homeland of the group immediately above
  • Luo languages, a dozen languages spoken by the Luo peoples
    • Luo language or Dholuo, a language spoken in Kenya and Tanzania
    • Southern Luo, a dialect cluster of Uganda and neighboring countries
  • Luo language (Cameroon), a nearly extinct language of Cameroon - not associated with Lou languages above
  • Luo Scientific Reserve, a protected area in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Luo (instrument), a type of Chinese gong
  • Luo, a character in the novel Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by Dai Sijie
  • Luo (surname) or 羅, a Chinese surname
  • Jing Jing Luo, Chinese composer
  • Genecia Luo, Singaporean pageant coach
  • Michael Luo (born 1976), American journalist
  • Show Luo (born 1979), Taiwanese singer, dancer and actor
See also
  • Luo River, in China
  • LUO, the IATA abbreviation for Luena Airport in Angola

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Luo Zundian - Rainy Days:sadness Begin
... Luo was the first death of 4 governors in 1860--1861 when Taiping attacks ... fallen down Hangzhou from southern mountains, these days are rainy days but Luo directed citizens defence city bravely but loss ... Sad was Luo Zundian's wife and daughters all forced suicide together that rain look like tears for their unlucky ...
Luo Bingzhang
... Luo Bingzhang (Chinese 駱秉章 Pinyin, Wade-Giles, Styled Yuman 籲門 and variably Zuzai 儒齋 Posthumous name Wenzong 文忠( 1793 – 1867) was an eminent Han Chinese official ... Luo raised the Green Standard Army and support aid Zen created Xiang Army to fight effectively against the Taiping Rebellion and restore the stability of the ...
Luo Baoming - Politics
... Luo was first elected governor of Hainan by the Hainan People's Congress in February 2007 ... In August 2011 Luo was promoted to Communist Party Chief of Hainan and was succeeded by Jiang Dingzhi as Governor ... Luo Baoming had previously served as the vice-governor and acting governor of Hainan before becoming governor of the southern Chinese province ...
Luo Zundian
... Luo Zundian,(羅遵殿) (? – March 19, 1860) was a Chinese governor of province who ended several rebellions, but forced suicide in Second rout the Army Group Jiangnan in Hangzhou when the Taiping forces fallen down ... Before 9 months Xiang Army raised, Luo Zundian was the first existing regional and village militia forces (Tuányǒng 團勇 and Xiāngyǒng 鄉勇) to against the Taiping rebellion from northern Hubei in late ...