Luminous Stars

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Understanding The Bias - Source of The Malmquist Bias
... Typically, when looking at an area of sky filled with stars, only stars that are brighter than a limiting apparent magnitude can be seen ... As discussed above, the very luminous stars that are farther away will be seen, as well as luminous and faint stars that are closer ... There will appear to be more luminous objects within a certain distance from Earth than faint objects ...
List Of Most Luminous Stars
... Below is a list of stars arranged in order of decreasing luminosity (increasing bolometric magnitude) ... apparent magnitude is measured accurately, for four reasons The distance d to the star must be known, to convert apparent to absolute magnitude ... Absolute magnitude is the apparent magnitude a star would have if it were 10 parsecs away from the viewer ...
List Of Astronomical Catalogues - L
... Catalog of Nebulae of the Southern Sky (Lacaille) Lac I — Nebulae Lac II — Nebulous Star Clusters Lac III — Nebulous Stars LBN — Lynds' Catalogue of Bright Nebulae LDN — Lynds' Catalogue of Dark ...

Famous quotes containing the words stars and/or luminous:

    I see His blood upon the rose,
    And in the stars the glory of His eyes
    His body gleams amid eternal snows,
    His tears fall from the skies.
    Joseph Mary Plunkett (1887–1916)

    Drawing is a struggle between nature and the artist, in which the better the artist understands the intentions of nature, the more easily he will triumph over it. For him it is not a question of copying, but of interpreting in a simpler and more luminous language.
    Charles Baudelaire (1821–1867)