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Game Play

The object of the game is to clear numbered chips off the field of play by touching combinations of chips that add up to 11. Any combination of chips are allowed, so long as they add up to 11. When an 11 is made, the chips used are removed from the playing field.

Players can make combinations from the chips already in play, or they can use the chips in their hand. When no combination is available with the shown chips, the player can choose to see the next chip in their hand in hopes that the next chip will yield an 11 combination. There is also a Wild chip, which can be used with any combination of chips in order to make an 11. The Wild chip can only be used once per game.

When all the chips in the playing field are removed in a given round, an animated safe behind it will open. The first safe cracked will give the player 25,000 points, the 2nd is worth 50,000, and the 3rd (only available during the bonus round) is worth 75,000. Players must get 175,000 points in the first two rounds in order to advance to the bonus round. A round ends when either every chip is cleared from the field of play (thereby "cracking the safe"), the player has no more moves left and presses Take Score, or time runs out. At the end of a round the player gets 1,000 points for every 11 combination made, so it’s better to make more 11 combos rather than less. The player also gets points for time remaining, 100 points for every chip left in their hand that hasn’t been used, and 2,500 bonus points for every round that the Wild chip is not used.

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