Lubusz Land

Lubusz Land (Polish: Ziemia Lubuska, Lubusz; German: Land Lebus) is a historical region and cultural landscape in Poland and Germany on both sides of the Oder river.

Originally the settlement area of the West Slavic Leubuzzi, a Veleti tribe, the swampy area was located east of Mark Brandenburg and west of Greater Poland, south of Pomerania and north of Silesia. Presently its eastern part lies within the Polish Lubusz Voivodeship, the western part with its historical capital Lebus in the German state of Brandenburg.

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Duchies Of Silesia - History
... Bolesław's death in December 1201, his lands were inherited by his only remaining son Henry I the Bearded Mieszko I Tanglefoot became Duke of Racibórz and received Bytom and Oświęcim in 1177 ... Duchy of Wrocław, he acquired the Greater Polish lands of Kalisz in 1206, which he granted to his Piast cousin Władysław Odonic, as well as Lubusz Land in 1210 ... and heir, Duke Bolesław II the Bald temporarily gave Lubusz Land to his younger brother Mieszko († 1242) ...
Recovered Territories - History Before 1945 - Lubusz Land
... The medieval Lubusz Land on both sides of the Oder River up to the Spree in the west, including Lubusz (Lebus) itself, was also part of Mieszko's realm ... Poland lost Lubusz, when the Silesian duke Bolesław II Rogatka sold it to the Ascanian margraves of Brandenburg in 1248, who also acquired the ... The present-day Polish Lubusz Voivodeship comprises most of the former Brandenburgian Neumark territory east of the Oder ...
Lubusz Land - History - In Poland and Germany
... Most of the Lubusz Land was transferred to Poland by the 1945 Potsdam Conference, while Germany retained areas west of the Oder-Neisse line including the historical capital Lebus ... authorities expelled most of the population from the Polish annexed part of Lubusz Land ... The largest city of the Polish Lubusz Voivodeship today is Gorzów Wielkopolski (Landsberg an der Warthe), which however was not part of the historical Lubusz Land (cf ...

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