Lu Fisto - Professional Wrestling Career - NCw Femmes Fatales (2009–present)

NCw Femmes Fatales (2009–present)

In early June 2009 the birth of a new all Female Canadian promotion, nCw Femmes Fatales, administered by LuFisto and Stephane Bruyere, the former booker of ALF, was announced. On September 5 LuFisto defeated Cheerleader Melissa in the main event of the promotion's inaugural show, making their record in singles competition 1–1. After the match Sara Del Rey brutally attacked LuFisto. The two of them were scheduled to face each other at the second show on February 6, 2010. However, Del Rey was booked for a Ring of Honor Wrestling taping that same day and when her replacement Ayako Hamada no-showed the event, LuFisto took on Cat Power instead. Power defeated LuFisto via disqualification, after the referee caught LuFisto holding a steel chair, thrown to her by Power behind the referee's. Later in the evening the team of LuFisto and Cheerleader Melissa defeated Cat Power and Kalamity in a tag team match.

On April 17, 2010, Goulet suffered a stroke, after a match for NCW. Goulet, who has a family history of heart problems, decided to continue her career, after going through some tests. Goulet made her return to the ring on June 5, defeating Sara Del Rey in the first round of a tournament to determine the first ever nCw Femmes Fatales Champion. On October 23, 2010, LuFisto first defeated Kalamity in the semifinals and then Portia Perez in the finals of the tournament to become the first nCw Femmes Fatales Champion. She would go on to lose the title to Kalamity on October 8, 2011.

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