LRC may refer to:

In organizations: Leadership reaction cousre, see SFC Phillips

  • Labour Representation Committee, the historical predecessor of the British Labour Party
  • Labour Representation Committee (2004), a modern pressure group within the British Labour Party
  • Labour Representation Committee (in Manitoba), an ideological successor of Canadian Labour Parties
  • Lebanese Red Cross, a Lebanese humanitarian and non-profit organization
  • Legal Resources Centre, a South African public-interest law organisation
  • London Reception Centre, an MI5 processing location for aliens during the Second World War
  • Law Revision Counsel, a U.S. Congressional office overseeing publication of the U.S. Code
  • Logistics Readiness Center, a military project of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Libertarian Reform Caucus, an election-focused U.S. Libertarian Party caucus
  • Linguistics Research Center at UT Austin
  • London Rowing Club

In media:

  • Left, Right & Center, a political public radio program
  •, a libertarian news and commentary website
  • Literary Review of Canada or LRC, a Canadian magazine of book reviews, essays and poetry

In business:

  • Learning Resource Center, a Flowserve training site
  • Leicester Regeneration Company, a former Urban Regeneration Company based in the City of Leicester
  • London Rubber Company, a former British condom manufacturer
  • London Rail Concession, the franchising of railway services in London

In academic:

  • Lenoir-Rhyne College
  • Learning Resource Centers, Saudi Arabian school libraries
  • Learning Resource Centre (or Library Resource Centre), a British school library
  • Livingston Robotics Club, a robotics club in Livingston, New Jersey, USA

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