Louis XI

  • (noun): King of France who put down an alliance of unruly nobles and unified France except for Brittany (1423-1483).

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Charles De Valois, Duc De Berry - Life
... As his elder brother, the Dauphin Louis, had repeatedly run into conflict with his father and since 1456 was living in exile at the court of Burgundy, some expected ... When Charles VII died in 1461, however, Louis XI succeeded nonetheless ... After his accession, Louis XI granted his younger brother the Duchy of Berry as an appanage ...
Château De Plessis-lez-Tours
... Plessis-lez-Tours was the favorite residence of King Louis XI of France, who died there on 30 August 1483 ... The present building is only a small part of the château originally built by Louis XI in the 15th century ... The room where Louis XI died can be visited ...
History Of The French Line Of Succession - House of Valois 1328-1498 - Louis XI
... At the date of Louis XI's death, August 30, 1483, the line of succession was as follows Charles, Dauphin of France (b. 1470), Louis XI's son Louis of Orléans, Duke of Orléans and Valois, Count of Blois (b. 1462), Louis XI's second cousin Charles of Orléans, Count of Angoulême (b ...
Guy XIV De Laval - Life - Relationship With Louis XI
... VI │ ├──> Charles VII │ │ │ └──> Louis XI │ ├──> Jeanne de France │ x John VI, Duke of Brittany ...
Margaret Of York - The Dowager Duchess
... Louis XI, recognising the danger Margaret posed to him, attempted to buy her off with a French pension and a promise of personally protecting her she contemptuously refused, and ... on 22 July 1478, Mary gave birth to a son and heir, Philip, Louis XI had rumours spread that the child was in fact a girl ... hand on 23 December 1482, the Three Estates of the Lowlands signed the Treaty of Arras with Louis XI, granting him the Burgundian Lowlands, Picardy and the county ...

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