Louis IX

  • (noun): King of France and son of Louis VIII; he led two unsuccessful crusades; considered an ideal medieval king (1214-1270).
    Synonyms: Saint Louis, St. Louis

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Crusade Song - List of Occitan Crusading Songs
... Lanfranc Cigala 282.20 Quan vei far bon fag plazentier 1244–45, to celebrate Louis IX's taking of the cross in 1244 ... solatz November 1246 – Spring 1248, praising Louis IX of France for having gone on Crusade ... don a l'emperador After May 1204, after conquest of Constantinople and election of Baldwin IX of Flanders as emperor ...
Battle Of Fariskur - Aftermath
... The defeat of the crusaders and the capture of Louis IX in Fariskur created shock in France ... crusaders were circulating false information in Europe, claiming that King Louis IX defeated the Sultan of Egypt in a great battle and that Cairo had been betrayed into his hands ... Louis IX was ransomed for 400,000 dinars ...
Psalter Of Saint Louis
... The Psalter of Saint Louis (Bibliothèque nationale de France MS Latin 10525) is an illuminated psalter created for the saint King Louis IX of France sometime between the death of ... The psalter is in excellent condition and considered a relic of Louis IX, who was canonized in 1297 ... It is not to be confused with the "Leiden St Louis Psalter", (Latin, Parchment, 185 folios, 24,5 x 17,7 cm ...
Henry IV Of France's Succession - Bourbon Claim To The Throne - Descent From Louis IX
... was descended through his father from King Louis IX of France. 1317), the sixth son of Louis IX had married Beatrix of Bourbon and assumed the title of sire de Bourbon ... Louis XII had succeeded Charles VIII as his cousin seven times removed in the male line ...
Louis IX, Duke Of Bavaria - Ancestors
... Ancestors of Louis IX, Duke of Bavaria 16 ... Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor (= 28) 8 ... Louis IX, Duke of Bavaria 24 ...

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