Lotte, a short form of Charlotte, developed into a feminine given name in its own right.

Lotte may refer to:

  • Lotte (conglomerate), a Japanese-South Korean industrial conglomerate
    • Lotte Capital, a financial company
    • Lotte Card, a credit card provider
    • Lotte Chilsung, a Korean manufacturer of food products
    • Lotte Confectionery
    • Lotte Department Store
    • Lotte World, a recreation complex in Seoul, South Korea
    • Lotte Engineering & Construction, a engineering & construction company in Seoul, South Korea
    • Lotte Duty Free
    • Lotte Chemicla (Honam Petrochemical Corporation
  • Lotte (TV series), a Dutch series based on the Colombian telenovela Betty La Fea
  • Lotte, Germany, a municipality in North Rhine-Westphalia

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