Lord Rayleigh

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Scientific Phenomena Named After People - R
... Raygor Rayleigh criterion, distribution, fading, number, quotient, scattering, waves – Lord Rayleigh Rayleigh–Bénard cell/convection – Lord Rayleigh and Henri Bénard Rayleigh–Jean ...
Latchingdon - White's Directory of Essex 1848
... Lord Rayleigh is lord of Latchingdon, or "The King's Manor," and George Vanderzee is lord of the manor of Lawling Hall but the latter, with the hall and 570A ... at £3, and in 1831 at £108, is in the gift of Lord Rayleigh, and incumbency of the Rev ... Lord Rayleigh owns most of the parish, and is lord of the manor, which has belonged to his family since 1743, when it was conveyed to John Strutt, Esq ...

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