Lop may refer to:

  • Ferdinand Lop (1891-1974), French politician
  • Lop County, county in Xinjiang, China
  • Lop language, a language spoken in Lop County, China
  • Lop Desert, a desert in China
  • Lop Nur, a group of small, now seasonal salt lake sand marshes
  • Lop rabbit (disambiguation), several breeds of rabbits whose ears lie flat

Other articles related to "lop":

Lopön Tenzin Namdak - First Professorship, Retreat At Sezhig Monastery
... Lopön Rinpoche became the professor or teaching master (slob dpon) at Menri Monastery from 1953 - 1957 ... Lopön Rinpoche left Menri and this position in 1957 due to increasing conflicts between the indigenous Tibetans and the encroaching Chinese Communists ... In 1957 Lopön Rinpoche departed Menri and Central Tibet for Sezhig Monastery on the Dangra Lake in northern Tsang where he remained in retreat until 1960 ...
... Lopătari is a commune in Buzău County, Romania ... It is composed of eleven villages Brebu, Fundata, Lopătari, Luncile, Pestriţu, Plaiu Nucului, Ploştina, Potecu, Săreni, Terca and Vârteju ...
Local Operational Picture
... A local operational picture (LOP) is a single identical display of relevant (operational) information of the battlespace (e.g ... A LOP is an emerging military concept ... Although, there are literary examples that suggests that a LOP is for the use of a platoon commander and its coverage range is 250 meter radius ...
... The sumxu, Chinese lop-eared cat, drop-eared cat, droop-eared cat, or hanging-ear cat, all names referring to its characteristic feature of pendulous ears, was a possibly mythical, long-haired, lop-eared type ... The last reported Chinese lop-eared cat was in 1938 ...

Famous quotes containing the word lop:

    Superfluous branches
    We lop away, that bearing boughs may live.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)