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The View From The Mirror - The Four Species
... They are long lived, though to a lesser extent than the Faellem and Charon ... They are usually less long lived than the rest of the Aachim, though Malien is an exception ... They are very long lived, as are the Faellem ...
Thorium Fuel Cycle - Disadvantages As Nuclear Fuel
... In a once-through thorium fuel cycle the residual 233U is long lived radioactive waste ... Another challenge associated with the thorium fuel cycle is the comparatively long interval over which 232Th breeds to 233U ... Though thorium-based fuels produce far less long-lived transuranics than uranium-based fuels, some long-lived actinide products constitute a long term radiological impact, especially 231Pa ...
Long-lived Transaction
... A long-lived transaction is a transaction that spans multiple database transactions ... The transaction is considered "long-lived" because its boundaries must, by necessity of business logic, extend past a single database transaction ... A long-lived transaction can be thought of as a sequence of database transactions grouped to achieve a single atomic result. ...
Isotopes Of Samarium
149Sm, 150Sm, 152Sm and 154Sm, and two extremely long-lived radioisotopes, 147Sm (1.06×1011y) and 148Sm (7×1015y), with 152Sm being the most abundant (26.75% natural abundance). 146Sm is also fairly long-lived (1.03×108y), but occurs naturally as only the tiniest trace remains from its original supernova nucleosynthesis ... occurring isotopes, the longest-lived radioisotopes are 151Sm, which has a half-life of 90 years, and 145Sm, which has a half-life of 340 days ...
Zalma, Missouri - History
... letter, Daniel was in his 40s and did not have long to live ... As it happened, John Henry Hoover lived a few miles south of what is now Zalma, and it was said that he made excellent corn whiskey ... who started the fire, the distinction is usually given to a young man who lived on what is now known as the Lowry farm west of Zalma ...

Famous quotes containing the words lived and/or long:

    I then understood that a man who would have lived but one day could without effort live one hundred years in a prison. He would have enough memories to avoid getting bored.
    Albert Camus (1913–1960)

    Opinion is not worth a rush;
    In this altar-piece the knight,
    Who grips his long spear so to push
    That dragon through the fading light,
    Loved the lady; and it’s plain
    The half-dead dragon was her thought....
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)