Logic Level

In digital circuits, a logic level is one of a finite number of states that a signal can have. Logic levels are usually represented by the voltage difference between the signal and ground (or some other common reference point), although other standards exist. The range of voltage levels that represents each state depends on the logic family being used.

In binary logic the two levels are logical high and logical low, which generally correspond to a binary 1 and 0 respectively. Signals with one of these two levels can be used in boolean logic for digital circuit design or analysis.

In three-state logic, an output device can also be high impedance. This is not a logic level, but means that the output is not controlling the state of the connected circuit.

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Pull-up Resistor
... Pull-up resistors are used in electronic logic circuits to ensure that inputs to logic systems settle at expected logic levels if external devices are disconnected or high-impedance ... may also be used at the interface between two different types of logic devices, possibly operating at different power supply voltages ... of the wire it is connected to towards its voltage source level when the other components on the line are inactive ...
Logic Level - Logic Voltage Levels
... of a wire are usually represented by two different voltages, but current is used in some logic families ... A threshold is designed for each logic family ... Intermediate levels are undefined and the behavior of the connected circuits is highly implementation-specific ...

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