Local Government Board

The Local Government Board (LGB) was a British Government supervisory body overseeing local administration in England and Wales from 1871 to 1919.

The LGB was created by the Local Government Board Act 1871 (C. 70) and took over the public health and local government responsibilities of the Home Secretary and the Privy Council and all the functions of the Poor Law Board, which was abolished.

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... The Parliamentary Secretary to the Local Government Board was, from 1871 – 1919, a junior ministerial post in the United Kingdom subordinate to the President of the Local Government Board ... The Local Government Board itself was established in 1871 and took in supervisory functions from the Board of Trade and the Home Office, including the Local Government Act Office that had been ...
Local Board Of Health - Local Government Act 1858 - The Local Government Act Office and The Local Government Board
... When the General Board of Health was abolished in 1858 its responsibilities in respect of local government passed to the Secretary of State of the Home Department, in whose ... a separate agency was again formed entitled the Local Government Board, with a President who was frequently a Cabinet member ... The Local Government Board also took over the duties of the Poor Law Board ...
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... The Ministry of Health Act 1919 abolished the Local Government Board, and all of its powers and duties were transferred to the new ministry, which also combined the duties of the Insurance Commissioners, the Welsh ...
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