List of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Episodes (season 2) - Episode List - Season 2

Season 2

Ep# Dub Title/Original Title Translated to English
Original Japanese Title
Original Airdate US Airdate
53 "Back to Duel" / "The Beginning of Destiny! A New Student, Edo Phoenix"
October 5, 2005 August 21, 2006
It's Jaden's second year at Duel Academy and a lot has changed. Chancellor Sheppard has left, leaving Dr. Crowler and his assistant, Vice-Chancellor Bonaparte, in charge of the school. Jaden was in his dorm room, when he got challenged to a duel by a new student, known as "A.P." Jaden dueled the student, who was sent by a mysterious fortune-teller who wanted A.P. to lose in order to test Jaden's dueling skills. Jaden won and later found out from his friends that A.P. was short for Aster Phoenix, a Pro-League duelist who's supposed to be just as good as Zane. Jaden thought he really beat a pro, until he found out from Dorothy that Aster was using a deck of cards he built from a bunch of random card packs, making Jaden even more excited to duel him again.
54 "Champion or Chazz-been" / "Thunder vs. Elite! Mecha Ojama King Takes Off"
October 12, 2005 August 22, 2006
Vice-Chancellor Bonaparte wants to tear down the Slifer dorm, believing that a dormitory of weak students is hurting the school's image. Crowler dismissed the idea and decided to give the school some publicity by having Chazz Princeton duel Reggie, an Obelisk Blue with a hatred for weak duelists. With the condition that if he wins, he gets promoted back to the Obelisk dorm. He accepted and dueled Reggie, who used a Warrior-type deck. Chazz realized that he used to be just like Reggie, and looked down on weaker duelists, and defeated Reggie with the help of Mecha-Ojama King. Crowler decided to let Chazz stay in Slifer, after seeing how much the students loved him there. Afterwards, Chazz had a construction crew work on the dorm to fix it to his liking.
55 "A Hassleberry Hounding" / "Enter Tyranno Kenzan!"
October 19, 2005 August 23, 2006
Jaden finds out from Syrus that someone has been challenging students to Duels and stealing their Duel Disks. After Syrus lost his too, Jaden decided to face this bully at a bridge in the forest. His name was Tyranno Hassleberry, a new student in Ra Yellow. He had passed all his exams, but was stuck in Ra instead of Obelisk Blue, so he formed an army of his supporters and stole people's Duel Disks in order to show his power. Jaden faced off against his Dinosaur deck and made Hassleberry realize that using the same strategy to defeat his opponents will only make his friends get bored of him. Jaden beat him using his new fusion monster, Wildwingman, and Hassleberry gave the Duel Disks back to their owners. He decided to live in the Slifer dorm because he felt he could learn a lot about dueling from Jaden.
56 "Sad but Truesdale" / "Sho vs. Insect Girl! Insect Princess"
(翔VS昆虫少女! インセクト·プリンセス)
October 26, 2005 August 24, 2006
After Chazz finished the new renovations on the Slifer Dorm, Alexis moves in because of Dr. Crowler wanting to turn her into a dueling pop-singer. The group realized that Crowler was using the students for fame and made a pact to stop him. Bastion announced that Crowler wants Syrus to duel Missy, an Obelisk Blue with a powerful insect deck. If he wins, Syrus will get promoted to Ra Yellow. Crowler figured he would be a perfect candidate because he was the younger brother of Zane Truesdale. Syrus realized that his fear was making him be left behind, while all his friends moved ahead. He dueled Missy, managed to clear away his fear, and defeated her with Super Vehicroid Jumbo-Drill. Although Syrus was promoted to Ra, he stayed in the Slifer dorm with his friends.
57 "The Demon" / "Kaiser vs. Ed! Pro League Battle"
(カイザーVSエド! プロリーグの戦い)
November 2, 2005 August 25, 2006
The news has spread that Zane is dueling against Aster Phoenix in a Pro-League duel. As Zane prepares for the duel, he witnesses a duelist in the city get beaten by a powerful monster. The monster escapes and says, "You can't escape destiny." Meanwhile, Aster speaks with Sartorius, his manager. Sartorius says that after Aster beats Zane, he must return to Duel Academy for a rematch with Jaden, but this time, he's allowed to win. The school watches on a big screen as the big duel begins. Aster reveals his true deck, a Hero deck, very similar to Jaden's. Zane thought he had the advantage because he knew how to beat the deck, but Aster used different fusion monsters than Jaden, like Phoenix Enforcer (a card similar to Jaden's Flame Wingman but with different special abilities). Zane gives it his all, but Aster still wins with Shining Phoenix Enforcer and Zane realizes that Aster was the monster who attacked the duelist he saw earlier. Everyone in Duel Academy begins to believe that there is no one who can defeat Aster Phoenix.
58 "A New Breed of Hero (Part 1 of 2)" / "VS Ed (Part 1 of 2) - E-Hero VS E-Hero"
November 9, 2005 August 28, 2006
After his duel with Zane, Aster told a bunch of journalists that there's a duelist he's after for copying his Hero deck. Afterwards, he meets with Sartorius, who tells him that the rivalry between Aster and Jaden was predetermined by the tarot cards (or fate). Aster travels to Duel Academy to challenge Jaden to a rematch in the duel arena. Sartorius comments that once Jaden loses, he will "see the light." Jaden and Aster used their Elemental Heroes, until Jaden finally defeated Shining Phoenix Enforcer with Shining Flare Wingman, but then Aster revealed his new monsters, the Destiny Heroes, a series of cards that haven't been publicly released. Aster explains that he uses the cards to fight for justice.
59 "A New Breed of Hero (Part 2 of 2)" / "VS Ed (Part 2 of 2) - D-Hero of Destiny"
November 16, 2005 August 29, 2006
Aster used a field spell, Clocktower Prison, to fight Jaden with his army of Destiny Heroes. Aster was beating Jaden without mercy. Jaden destroyed the Clocktower with another magic card, but all that did was let Aster summon a more powerful monster, Dread Master. Aster revealed that his father was the one who created the Destiny Heroes, but he vanished when he was younger. Apparently he was kidnapped, and Aster vows to find the kidnapper. Dread Master finished Jaden off, and after he lost, he started to feel faint and his cards started to turn white, not knowing it's because of Sartorius' spells that he lost the duel and the ability to see his cards.
60 "Pop Goes the Duel" / "Asuka vs. Fubuki! The Path to Sibling Idol"
November 23, 2005 August 30, 2006
Jaden feels depressed because he lost his duel to Aster and can't see his cards anymore(still not knowing it's because of Sartorius' spells). His friends decided to stick together, knowing that Crowler will want to use Jaden's absence as an excuse to tear down the Slifer dorm. Atticus showed up at the dorm to tell Alexis that Crowler wants to turn the siblings into a singing pop duo, but when she refuses, they settle it with a duel. Alexis beats her brother's Warrior deck and Jaden decides to quit Duel Academy.
61 "I've Seen the Light" / "Saiou Enters! The Tarot Deck of Destiny"
(斎王登場! 運命のタロットデッキ)
November 30, 2005 August 31, 2006

Chazz tried challenging Jaden to a duel to get his spirits up, but he wasn't in the mood. Meanwhile, Sartorius played with his tarot cards. His plans had not gone completely as he expected because he put his power into Aster's cards, so that when Jaden lost his soul should have been wiped clean, therefore he would have become Sartorius' servant, but instead he just lost the ability to see his cards. Sartorius predicted that there was someone else who he could use for the same purpose.

Sartorius traveled to Duel Academy and told Crowler and Bonaparte that as Aster's manager, he was looking for someone else as a client. After Jaden disappeared, his friends went looking for him and Chazz ran into Sartorius in the forest. They dueled and Sartorius used his deck like a tarot deck where all of his cards would spin and the direction they stopped at, determined the ability they used. Chazz lost and Sartorius locked his soul into The Hangman tarot card, before leaving the island. Jaden also left the island by boat and decided he wasn't going to return until he found his destiny. In the morning, Chazz was seen walking around the dorm, dressed in white, and saying that he has "seen the light."
62 "A Greater Porpoise" / "New Elemental Hero! Neos"
(新Eヒーロー! ネオス)
December 7, 2005 September 1, 2006
While Jaden is out at sea, his boat is struck by a shooting star. He woke up in a strange place, where planets floated in the sky and dolphins talked. One of the dolphins, Aquos, tells Jaden that he has to save the universe. A group known as the Society of Light is ruining the balance of dimensions by destroying the darkness. Jaden is confronted by a strange alien-like robot that challenges him to a duel, even though he doesn't have his deck. Aquos shows Jaden a satellite sent by KaibaCorp into space. In it was a deck of cards that Jaden created as part of a drawing contest that Kaiba sponsored. Jaden defeated the alien and learned to pick himself up from his defeat at the hands of Aster. He was sent back to Duel Academy, but on part of the island far from the school. He was also left with the message that he can fight the Society of Light using his new deck, which has been infused with the power of Neo-Space.
63 "Curry Worries" / "Kenzan vs. Demon of the Curry! Spicy Duel"
(剣山VSカレーの魔人! スパイシーデュエル)
December 14, 2005 September 5, 2006
With Professor Banner gone, the quality of the food in the Slifer dorm had gone down. A mysterious chef comes to the dorm and offers to cook if Hassleberry could beat him in a duel. The chef uses his different food-monster cards and then reveals himself to be Professor Sartyr, the headmaster of the Ra dorm. He had come to bring Syrus, Hassleberry and Bastion back to the dorm because it's been very empty lately, with students either going to Obelisk Blue or hanging out at the Slifer dorm. Hassleberry defeated him and taught the Professor that he shouldn't force people back to where they belong. He cooked them a great meal. Meanwhile, Jaden was still trying to find his way back to the school.
64 "Camaraderie Contest" / "Sho vs. Kenzan! A Duel with Passionate Thoughts Toward Big Brother"
(翔VS剣山! 兄貴への熱き想いデュエル)
December 21, 2005 September 6, 2006
After fighting each other for so long, Syrus and Hassleberry decided to finally settle the argument over who was Jaden's best friend with a duel. The winner would be his best friend and the loser wouldn't see him anymore. It was a battle of Syrus' vehicles against Hassleberry's dinos, until Syrus used his trap card, Cyber Summon Blaster, to trap Hassleberry in a loop of losing his Life Points. Syrus won, but Hassleberry would have won if he played a card he had, but he decided to let Syrus win because he deserved the title of Jaden's best friend more than he did. Meanwhile, Jaden was still searching for the school.
65 "No Pain, No Game" / "Hell Kaiser Ryo! Chimeratech Overdragon"
December 28, 2005 September 7, 2006

Ever since Zane lost his duel to Aster, his pro career has gone downhill. After losing another simple duel, and being dropped by his sponsorship, he was confronted by a shady businessman named Mr. Shroud. He introduced the concept of underground dueling and getting Zane his career back.

Zane is led to a cage in a weird restaurant and forced to duel Mad Dog, a weird duelist who was considered to be the best in underground dueling. Zane dueled him with a shock collar around his neck, so that when he lost his life points, he would get hit with volts of electricity. Zane is losing until he realizes that he's always paid too much respect to his opponents. Upon this realization, he finally lets his malicious side loose and beats Mad Dog without mercy using a new monster, Chimeratech Overdragon. After the duel, Zane starts to build his career back up while wearing a new black outfit and beating his opponents without mercy or respect.
66 "Going Bananas" / "Judai's New Year Dream Duel!"
January 4, 2006 September 8, 2006
While still looking for the school, Jaden runs into Wheeler, the dueling monkey he saved in episode #13. After fainting from hunger, he starts to hallucinate that his friends were there to help him. Jaden has flashbacks of his past duels with Chazz, Bastion, Crowler and Zane. After Wheeler got him some bananas to eat, Jaden got back up and started to continue to look for the school, not knowing that he just missed the sign that says where it is.
67 "Homecoming Duel (Part 1 of 2)" / "VS Ed (Part 1 of 2) - New Power! Aqua Neos"
(VSエド(前編)新たな力! アクア·ネオス)
January 11, 2006 October 2, 2006

While still looking for Duel Academy, Jaden saw a meteor land near the forest. When he got near it, he was confronted by Neo-monsters like Aquos, who wanted to lend their power to his deck. Meanwhile, Bonaparte decided to have a duel between Aster and Alexis. If she loses, the Slifer dorm will be torn down. Aster didn't want to at first, but Sartorius said he should because his tarot cards predicted danger ahead. After meeting up at the duel arena, Jaden finally came back and wanted to take Alexis' place in the duel. He wanted to show the new power of his Neo-Spacians.

Aster was able to summon his Dread Master, but Jaden used two new Neo-Spacians, Aquos and Neos. The two fused together to form Aqua Neos, who destroyed Dread Master but then returned to Jaden's hand at the end of the turn, leaving him wide open. Jaden still had some things to learn about his new deck, but he kept on fighting.
68 "Homecoming Duel (Part 2 of 2)" / "VS Ed (Part 2 of 2) - Flaming Flare Neos"
January 18, 2006 October 3, 2006
As the duel continued, Jaden taught Aster that he should use his Destiny Heroes for good and not revenge. Aster summoned a stronger Destiny Hero than Dread Master, Dogma. Jaden fought back using his new Neo-Spacian, Flare Scarab. Using Contact Fusion, Neos fused with Flare Scarab without Polymerization to fuse Flare Neos. Flare Neos defeated Dogma and Jaden won the duel. It was then that Aster believed that Jaden was stronger than destiny because Sartorius predicted that Aster would win. He decided to enroll into Duel Academy because he liked the environment and when he tried to call Sartorius, he started to believe that his manager was hiding things from him, like why he wanted Jaden gone and about the Society of Light.
69 "Dormitory Demolition" / "Cronos vs. Napoleon! March of Toy Soldiers"
(クロノスVSナポレオン! トイソルジャーの行進)
January 25, 2006 October 4, 2006
Chancellor Crowler and Vice Chancellor Bonaparte argue about the demolition of the Slifer red dorm. They agree to duel for the outcome of the dorm. If Crowler wins then the dorm stays, though if Bonaparte wins then the dorm gets demolished. After almost losing due to Bonaparte's Unfair Treaty card, Crowler pulls out Ancient Gear Engineer to win, thus saving the dorm and showing that deep down, he does care a little about the Slifer's.
70 "Obelisk White?" / "Asuka vs. Manjoume - White Thunder!"
(明日香VS万丈目 ホワイトサンダー!)
February 1, 2006 October 5, 2006
Chazz duels the students of the Obelisk dorm and by beating them, he turns them into members of the Society of Light and even paints the dorm white to represent the Society. Alexis decided to end this madness by dueling Chazz, who used a magic card that allowed her to see all of his cards. Alexis thought she had the advantage, but Chazz claimed to see the future and know all of her moves. Chazz beat her and Alexis became a member of the Society.
71 "DuelFellas" / "VS Game Champ! Giant Battleship Tetran Takes Off"
(VSゲームチャンプ! 巨大戦艦テトラン発進)
February 8, 2006 October 6, 2006
Sartorius wanted Jaden to see the light, so Chazz and Alexis hired Lorenzo, a Society member with a deck filled with battleship monsters. Jaden dueled Lorenzo in the school planetarium and started to lose to his army of ships. Jaden was able to summon a new Neo-Spacian, Ground Mole, and used it to destroy Lorenzo's ultimate monsters and he finished him off with Neos. Sartorius was predicting that he no longer needs Aster to conquer the world and that Jaden could be the one to help his plan.
72 "Not Playing with a Full Deck" / "Destroy Deck Destruction"
February 15, 2006 October 10, 2006
Chazz hired another duelist to get rid of Jaden, X, Sartorius' lawyer. X lured Jaden into a cave for the duel and Aster explained that X has never lost a duel. He's known to beat his opponents by destroying their decks rather than their life points. X kept using magic and trap cards that made Jaden lose a good portion of his deck, but then, with the help of Neo-Spacian Glow Moss, Jaden made a come back and made X lose his deck before he did.
73 "Source of Strength" / "Kenzan vs. Saiou! Dinosaur DNA"
February 22, 2006 October 11, 2006
Sartorius predicted that Jaden and Aster have joined forces, but there is another that can't be swayed and could ruin Sartorius' plans. he traveled to Duel Academy to meet this threat, Hassleberry. Hassleberry and Sartorius dueled each other, even though most of the others, but Jaden, believed Hassleberry could win. Sartorius dueled the same way he did Chazz, with cards whose abilities are determined by Hassleberry's decisions. Sartorius won, but Hassleberry wasn't affected by his power to turn into a Society member. It was revealed that Hassleberry broke his leg when he was a kid, but was saved when the bone was replaced with a dinosaur's bone. The next day, Crowler announced the arrival of a new student, Sartorius.
74 "Happily Never After" / "Revival Frog! Living Frog! Death Frog!"
March 1, 2006 October 12, 2006
Sartorius enrolled into the Academy so that he could continue his plans at a more "convenient" location. When the time came for the Chancellors to select where they'll go for the school field trip, Sartorius and the Society of Light wanted to choose, but Jaden cut in. They agreed to decide the issue with a duel, Jaden against the Society member, Rose. Rose was an Obelisk Blue who claimed to see duel spirits, just like Chazz and Jaden. She used a deck filled with toad monsters, who Rose claimed to be the princess of. Jaden was able to win and decided that their field trip will be Domino City, Yugi's hometown. Sartorius said that the duel with Rose was a test to see if Jaden could really see duel spirits and that the Domino City trip will help with his next plan.
75 "Taken by Storm (Part 1 of 2)" / "Field Trip Tag Duel"
March 8, 2006 October 13, 2006
During the field trip to Domino City, the Society of Light went to do their own objectives, while Jaden and his friends explored the city. Meanwhile, Aster believed that Sartorius has targeted some of the strongest duelists to join the Society of Light. Jaden and his friends meet Solomon Motou, Yugi's grandfather, who show the group more of the city. In a cave outside the city, a mysterious witch sends two masked ninjas to take care of Jaden. They kidnap Mr. Motou and the witch uses a spell to surround the city with a force field made up of giant duel spirits. Syrus and Hassleberry are confronted by the two ninjas who said they'll have to beat them to see Mr. Motou again. They duel on top of a building (the building where Kaiba and Yugi dueled the Lumis and Umbra for the second time). The ninjas, Frost and Thunder, dueled two on two and easily gained the advantage, even though they didn't seem to get along.
76 "Taken by Storm (Part 2 of 2)" / "Ultimate Alliance! Rex Union"
March 15, 2006 October 16, 2006
Chazz travels to a cave outside of the city and to meet with the mysterious witch, Sarina, Sartorius' sister. He was sent to get her while Sartorius met with Seto Kaiba at Kaiba Corp. He asked for permission to use his amusement park, Kaibaland, for just one day. Kaiba allowed it, but told his guards to keep an eye on Sartorius for safety measures. Meanwhile, Jaden found Mr. Motou in an alleyway and Aster, who came to help, said that he could see the giant duel spirits around the city. As for Hasslebery and Syrus, they took advantage of Frost and Thunder's lousy teamwork and combined their strongest monsters together to gain the upper hand, but Frost used a trap card that countered their attack and took out their life points as well as Thunder's. Afterwards, Frost met up with Jaden and Aster and gave them a clue to the whereabouts of their friends: look for a higher altitude.
77 "J-Dawg and T-Bone" / "The Four Monarchs of Terror! Demiourgos EMA"
(恐怖の四帝! デミウルゴス·EMΑ)
March 22, 2006 October 17, 2006
Sarina punished Frost and Thunder for not taking Jaden by sealing their souls in cards using a mirror. She then summoned two more members of her Light Brigade, Blaze and T-Bone, and sent them to take care of Jaden. While Jaden and the rest of the Slifer Reds camped outside, Mr. Motou came back to serve some sandwiches. Blaze and T-Bone joined the group for some food and then challenged Jaden after finding out who he was. Sarina sealed Blaze's soul in a card for T-Bone to use and the two squared off. T-Bone used his earth deck, but then combined the powers of the other Light Brigade decks in order to gain the advantage. Jaden won using Neos and Sarina sealed T-Bone away and then said Jaden will have to save his friends, Syrus and Hassleberry, at the virtual dome in Kaibaland.
78 "Mirror, Mirror (Part 1 of 2)" / "The Strongest Tag!? Judai & Edo (Part 1 of 2)"
(最強タッグ!? 十代&エド(前編))
March 29, 2006 October 28, 2006
Jaden and Aster made their way to the virtual world in Kaibaland. The building was set up like a virtual land and Hassleberry and Syrus were seen in the form of a virtual dinosaur and toy car. Sarina appeared and challenged Jaden and Aster to a duel. The purpose was because Sartorius wanted to see which one of the two was worthy enough to be by his side. Sarina created a mirror clone of herself to make it a tag duel and as they started, it was obvious that Jaden and Aster were equal in strength. Aster refused to help because he wanted to be the one worthy, but then Sarina played a magic card, Full Moon Mirror, and after 10 monsters were destroyed, its true power was about to be revealed.
79 "Mirror, Mirror (Part 2 of 2)" / "The Strongest Tag!? Judai & Edo (Part 2 of 2)"
(最強タッグ!? 十代&エド(後編))
April 5, 2006 November 4, 2006
Sarina used Full Moon Mirror to summon her most powerful monster, Dark Creator. She created multiple clones of the same monster and started tearing Jaden and Aster apart. The two decided to throw their differences aside and Jaden used the abilities of the Destiny Heroes to summon a new Neo-Spacian, Dark Panther. Using Contact Fusion, Jaden fused him with Neos to summon Dark Neos. His power to copy a monster and their abilities allowed them to destroy the army of clones and win the duel. Afterwards, Sarina explained that Sartorius is not all evil. She told the story that Sartorius was a fortuneteller who received a card from a mysterious stranger. Ever since he got the card, he's been possessed by another force. As the virtual world collapsed, Sarina stayed behind so that she could watch her brother from the land of virtual reality. After escaping, Jaden and his friends returned to the group and set off for Duel Academy.
80 "What a Doll!" / "Alice in Despairland"
April 12, 2006 November 11, 2006
After returning to the Duel Academy, Jaden and his friends are met by a new girl, Alice, living in the Slifer Dorm. She cooks and cleans for the boys and Hassleberry starts to fall in love with her. That night, Hassleberry went missing and Jaden found him near the river with Alice standing by him. Alice was really the spirit of a doll who watched duelists mistreat their cards and show no respect for duel spirits. Jaden dueled against Alice and her deck full of doll monsters. Although Alice had the advantage, Jaden won using Level 10 Winged Kuriboh. Afterwards, Alice's soul returned to its original doll form and was returned to its holding case.
81 "Let's Make a Duel!" / "Quiz Duel!? VS Nazora Panel 9"
(クイズデュエル!? VSナゾラー·パネル9)
April 19, 2006 November 18, 2006
When Jaden gives dating advice to an Obelisk student on the internet, the student, Bob Banter, takes his advice seriously and tries to get Alexis to fall in love with him. When Jaden catches Bob spying on Alexis, she accuses him of being the spy and threatens to have him expelled, unless he can defeat Bob in a duel. Jaden accepts knowing he could become a member of the Society of Light if he loses. Bob uses a special deck that turns the theme of the duel into a game show. Jaden loses a lot of his monsters when answering the questions wrong, but he turns things around and wins the duel using his Flame Wingman. Afterwards, Bob continued to harass Jaden, hoping to get more dating advice from him.
82 "Magnetic Personality" / "Misawa vs. Manjoume - Assault Cannon Beetle"
(三沢VS万丈目 アサルト·キャノン·ビートル)
April 26, 2006 December 2, 2006
Bastion realizes that all of the Ra Yellow students have been taken over by the Society of Light. After a long time of coming up with the perfect deck, Bastion challenges Sartorius to a duel. He feels that he hasn't been challenged by the Society because they don't find him worthy. Chazz agrees to duel him instead and Bastion duels with his new army of Plasma Warriors. Chazz duels with his new deck of Union monsters and the Ojama Brothers. Although Bastion would have won, he lets himself lose in the end so that he could become a Society member and feel worthy. Afterwards, Alexis convinced Chazz to throw away his Ojama cards because he would have lost the duel using them.
83 "Schooling the Master" / "Hell Kaiser Ryo vs. Master Samejima"
May 3, 2006 December 9, 2006

After firing Mr. Shroud as his manager, Zane was given an invitation to meet an old friend "at the top of the world." Zane traveled to a dojo high in the snowy mountains and met with Chancellor Sheppard. It was revealed that Sheppard taught Zane how to duel at that particular dojo and taught him to respect his opponents. It was there that Zane received the Cyber End Dragon as a symbol of completion of his training and now Sheppard wanted to duel him to teach Zane to go back to his old ways.

Zane dueled against his former teacher and defeated him by showing no care for his Cyber End Dragon and only focusing on defeating his opponent. After winning, he stole the dojo's secret deck, the Underworld deck. Before leaving Sheppard told him about a dueling tournament he was hosting at Duel Academy. He believed that Zane's friends could win back the old Zane they know and love.
84 "Generation Next" / "Genex Opens! Aim to be Number One!"
(ジェネックス開幕! 目指せー番!)
May 10, 2006 December 16, 2006
Sheppard returns to Duel Academy to announce the start of the GX Tournament, in which both students and Pro Duelists will duel to be number one. Each student receives a medal and the winner will have the most medals of them all. As all of the students started dueling each other to be the best, Sartorius made arrangements to duel a Pro-League duelist, Prince Ojin. He lured Ojin to the tournament by saying he had the Destiny Hero cards and when the prince showed up, the two dueled each other. Ojin used a satellite deck, but Sartorius easily defeated him in 0 turns and won control of a satellite Ojin had ownership of.
85 "Rah, Rah, Rah!" / "The Man who Controls the God Card Winged God-Dragon of Ra"
May 17, 2006 December 23, 2006
Chumley returns to Duel Academy, along with his boss, Maximillion Pegasus. Pegasus' chief card designer had stolen the Winged Dragon of Ra card and was using it in the Gx tournament. Chumley gave Jaden a new card to help him duel and he challenged the designer, Frantz, to a duel. Frantz was doing this because he was sick of Chumley getting all the respect for his cards and controlled Ra using a magic card to bound the dragon in chains. Jaden defeated him using the field spell, Skysraper 2- Hero City and Pegasus agreed to bring Frantz back.
86 "The Art of the Duel" / "The Duel's Stage Passageway"
May 24, 2006 January 6, 2007
Jaden still hasn't found an opponent to challenge for the Gx Tournament. While walking with Syrus and Hassleberry, he's challenged by a Pro-League duelist, Orlando. Orlando is an actor who uses a deck of monsters that are themed around theatre. Jaden defeats him and earns his medal.
87 "Blinded by the Light (Part 1 of 2)" / "Do Your Best! Ojama Trio (Part 1 of 2)"
(がんばれ! おジャマトリオ(前編))
May 31, 2006 January 13, 2007
After finding Chazz defeating a Pro-League duelist with a new deck given to him by Sartorius, Jaden searches for the Ojama cards to help bring the old Chazz back. With the help of the spirit of Professor Banner, Jaden found the cards in time and dueled against Chazz. Chazz used his army of White Knight monsters, but Jaden was able to hold his own with the Ojama Brothers. Using the cards started to make Chazz realize what Sartorius has done to him and but he shakes it off to defeat Jaden.
88 "Blinded by the Light (Part 2 of 2)" / "Do Your Best! Ojama Trio (Part 2 of 2)"
(がんばれ! おジャマトリオ(後編))
June 7, 2006 January 20, 2007
By continuing to use the Ojama Brothers, Jaden is able to finally make Chazz come to his senses. The only problem is he can't remember anything between the present and when he was brainwashed by Sartorius. The two agree to finish the duel and Chazz gives up the duel to destroy White Knight Lord. Afterwards, Chazz vows to help free Alexis from the Society the same way Jaden saved him.
89 "The Darkness Within" / "Hell Kaiser vs. Darkness Fubuki"
June 14, 2006 January 31, 2007
Chancellor Sheppard asks Atticus to help free Zane from the darkness. After agreeing to it, Atticus challenges Zane to a duel, but this time, Atticus taps into the dark powers he once had and uses the power of Nightshroud. Zane unleashed his new Cyber Dark deck and defeats Attcius without batting an eye. Zane revealed that he wasn't taken over by darkness as they think, but his attitude has changed because of his new philosophy of showing no mercy. After he walked away, Syrus made a promise to defeat his brother and make him come to his senses.
90 "Pro-Dueling" / "Academia's Pride"
June 21, 2006 February 1, 2007
After Sheppard sees the list of students left in the tournament, mainly Jaden, Syrus, Hassleberry, Chazz, Alexis, and Bastion, he sends Crowler and Bonaparte to find more duelists for the academy. They send out Damon, back to his "primitive" ways and Belowski to defeat pro-duelists, and are successful. Meanwhile, Jasmine and Mindy have trouble against Maitre-D, a pro-duelist, until Alexis steps in. At the end, Chazz points out that Alexis didn't use White Veil, hinting that she's regaining control.
91 "Don't Fear the Reaper" / "The Reaper of One Turn Kill"
June 28, 2006 February 5, 2007
Jaden finds another duel against a guy who has never lost. He said that he used to trust his deck, but he doesn't anymore, and now he relies on the Reaper to let him win all of his duels. Jaden tries to get him back to trusting his deck by dueling him and the Reaper.
92 "Duel For Hire" / "Triangle Duel"
July 5, 2006 February 6, 2007
While Dr. Crowler and Vice Principal Bonaparte get yelled at by Chancellor Sheppard, they take it the wrong way and believe that they got fired. This happens just as Pegasus shows up for a meeting with Chancellor Sheppard. Dr. Crowler and Vice Principal Bonaparte beg Pegasus to hire them and a duel ensues to determine whether or not they will get the job. They lose the duel and Chancellor Sheppard shows up to tell the two men that they weren't fired in the first place. It was just a misunderstanding.
93 "Heart of Ice (Part 1 of 2)" / "The White Night Duel! Judai vs. Asuka (Part 1 of 2)"
July 12, 2006 February 7, 2007
At the request of Chazz and Atticus, Jaden faces off with Alexis, attempting to bring back her old self.
94 "Heart of Ice (Part 2 of 2)" / "White Night's Dragon! Judai vs. Asuka (Part 2 of 2)"
July 19, 2006 February 8, 2007
When it seems like Alexis' White Night Dragon is the clear winner, Jaden fights back with Flare Neos.
95 "Tough Love" / "The Codeless Duel Between Brothers - Ryo vs. Sho"
(仁義なき兄弟デュエル 亮VS翔)
July 26, 2006 February 9, 2007
Syrus finds his brother and Aster just about to duel, but he steps in and decides to duel against Zane in order to help him come to his senses. Zane wants it his way so he uses the shock collars. In the end, Syrus loses.
96 "It's All Relative" / "The Field of Relativity! Judai vs. The Genius Doctor"
August 2, 2006 February 12, 2007
Jaden faces Dr. Eisenstien's Relativity Deck. He used his Glow Neos to beat Dr. Eisenstein. In the end, Bastion resolves to become Eisenstien's apprentice, free from the Society of Light's influence.
97 "The Dark Light" / "Enters! The Mysterious World Champ!"
August 9, 2006 February 13, 2007
Chancellor Shepard takes a visit to Maximillion Pegasus and he mentions about the Ultimate Destiny Hero. When the Duelist League World Champion, The D, who is also Aster's step-father, makes his appearance in a television duel against The Collector and wins (but also puts the stadium into flames), Aster finally finds the person who took his father.
98 "Ultimate Destiny" / "Finally Activated! The Ultimate D-Card"
August 16, 2006 February 14, 2007
Aster faces off against The D, who summons the Ultimate Destiny Hero, Plasma. Aster uses The Dark Angel as Plasma's weakness and by using that, he wins the duel. He then learns that his father was taken by Plasma's secret power which can absorb human souls and about the Light of Destruction, which has to do with the darkness possessing Sartorius.
99 "The Key Factor" / "Judai vs. The Terror of the Laser Satellite"
August 23, 2006 February 15, 2007
Jaden learns about Sartorius' plan to use Ojin's satellite to unleash the Light of Destruction on the planet.
100 "The Phoenix Has Arrived (Part 1 of 2)" / "Ultimate Arcana "The World""
August 30, 2006 February 16, 2007
Aster confronts Sartorius in the Obelisk Dorm.
101 "The Phoenix Has Arrived (Part 2 of 2)" / "Ed, The Finishing Blow! "Bloo-D""
(エド, 必殺の一撃!「ブルーD」)
September 6, 2006 February 20, 2007
Aster faces Sartorius with Destiny Hero-Plasma, but falls to the Light of Destruction.
102 "The Hands of Justice (Part 1 of 2)" / "The Wave of Light vs. The Neo-Spacians"
September 13, 2006 March 28, 2007
Jaden finally duels Sartorius, using the Neo-Spacians against the Arcana Force Monsters.
103 "The Hands of Justice (Part 2 of 2)" / "Judai's Pinch! Field Magic "Light Barrier""
September 20, 2006 March 29, 2007
Trapped in Sartorius' Light Barrier, Jaden finds himself in a tough situation.
104 "Future Changes" / "The Whereabouts of Victory?! Judai vs. Saiou"
September 27, 2006 March 30, 2007
When Sartorius summons The Light Ruler, Jaden's victory and the fate of the world comes down to Elemental Hero Neos (2500 ATK).

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