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Medicine and Dentistry

  • John James Richard Macleod (professor of physiology, 1918–28) – Physician and physiologist; recipient of the Nobel Prize for the discovery of insulin
  • Harry Botterell (professor of neurophysiology, 1936–39) – Neurosurgeon, Head of neurosurgery at the Toronto General Hospital, 1953–62
  • Louis Siminovitch (professor of medical genetics and microbiology, 1956–85) – Molecular biologist; founding director of research at Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute; foreign associate to the National Academy of Sciences
  • James Till (professor of medical biophysics, 1958–97) – Biophysicist; academic on Internet research ethics and the Open Access movement
  • Charles Hollenberg (professor of medicine, 1970–81) – Physician, educator and researcher, former Physician-in-Chief of the Toronto General Hospital
  • Saul V. Levine (professor of psychiatry, 1970–93) – Psychiatrist, former Senior Psychiatrist at the Hospital for Sick Children
  • Manuel Buchwald (professor of molecular and medical genetics, 1973–86) – Geneticist who identified the gene that causes Fanconi anemia and, with Lap-Chee Tsui, that which causes cystic fibrosis
  • David MacLennan (professor of medicine, 1974–) – Biochemist who made fundamental contributions to our understanding of the mechanism of ion transport by SR calcium pumps
  • Tak Wah Mak (professor of medical biophysics, 1975–) – Immunologist who discovered the T-Cell receptor, and was the first to clone the genes for the receptor
  • Jack Greenblatt (professor of molecular medicine, 1977–) – Pioneer in research on protein-protein interactions and on mechanisms that regulate gene expression
  • Tirone E. David (professor of surgery, 1980–) – Cardiovascular surgeon who developed the reimplantation technique for valve-sparing aortic root replacement
  • Rob Buckman (professor of medicine, 1985–) – Medical oncologist and comedian; president of the Humanist Association of Canada
  • Janet Rossant (professor of medical genetics, 1985–) – Developmental biologist known for research in the role of genes in early embryo development
  • Anthony Pawson (professor of molecular and medical genetics, 1985–) – Microbiologist specializing in mechanisms for protein-protein interactions in intracellular signal transduction
  • John E. Dick (professor of molecular genetics) – Scientist who first identified the cancer stem cell in leukemia and later colorectal cancer; also known for demonstrations with blood stem cells in mice
  • Peter St. George-Hyslop (professor of medicine, 1991–) – Geneticist who isolated the key genes linked to inherited and early-onset forms of Alzheimer's disease
  • Morton Beiser (professor of cultural pluralism and health, 1991–2009) – Psychiatrist and epidemiologist, noted for his research in immigration and resettlement
  • Ahmad Teebi (professor of pediatrics and medical genetics, 1998–) – Head of the Section of Clinical Genetics & Dysmorphology at the Hospital for Sick Children
  • Benjamin Alman (professor of surgery) – Orthopaedic surgeon and researcher in developmental signaling pathways in musculoskeletal tumours
  • Frederick J. Conboy (professor of dentistry) – 47th Mayor of Toronto, secretary of the Ontario Dental Association and editor of the association's journal
  • David Jaffray (associate professor of radiation physics) – Medical physicist, Senior Scientist in the Division of Biophysics and Bioimaging at the Ontario Cancer Institute
  • David J. Jenkins (professor of nutritional sciences) – Nutritionist who developed the concept of glycemic index (GI)
  • Gideon Koren (professor of pediatrics, pharmacology and pharmacy) – Pediatrician, clinical pharmacologist and toxicologist, Senior Scientist of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • John W. Semple (professor of pharmacology) – Medical researcher at St. Michael's Hospital, co-discoverer of immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)
  • Harvey Skinner (former professor and dean of public health sciences) – Psychologist. Dean of Health, York University since 2006. One of the first to link behaviour change, organizational improvement and information technology (e-health)

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