List of United States Political Families (H) - The Houstons and Hubbards

The Houstons and Hubbards

  • Samuel Houston (1793–1863), U.S. Representative from Tennessee 1823–1827, Governor of Tennessee 1827–1829, President of the Republic of Texas 1836–1838 1841–1844, U.S. Senator from Texas 1846–1859, Governor of Texas 1859–1861. Father of Andrew Jackson Houston and Temple Houston.
  • David Hubbard (1792–1874), Alabama State Representative 1831 1842–1843 1845 1853, U.S. Representative from Alabama 1839–1841 1849–1851, Confederate States Representative from Alabama 1861–1863, Confederate States Commissioner of Indian Affairs 1863–1865. Cousin of Samuel Houston.
    • Andrew Jackson Houston (1854–1941), candidate for Governor of Texas 1892 1910 1918, U.S. Senator from Texas 1941. Son of Samuel Houston.
    • Temple Lea Houston (1860–1905), member of the Texas Senate 1885. Son of Sam Houston and Brother of Andrew Jackson Houston.

NOTE: Samuel Houston was also great-great-grandfather-in-law of U.S. Senator Price Daniel.

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