List of UK Minor Party and Independent MPs Elected

List Of UK Minor Party And Independent MPs Elected

This is a list of members of the United Kingdom House of Commons who were elected as an independent or as a member of a minor political party.

Excluded are the Speaker, who traditionally stands for re-election without party affiliation, and MPs who were elected from a major party but then defected during a parliamentary term.

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List Of UK Minor Party And Independent MPs Elected - Ireland
... All MPs are listed except those from the Ulster Unionist Party (affiliated to the Conservative Party during this period), the Nationalist Party, Sinn Féin, the Liberal Party ... Election Member of Parliament Constituency Party/Description 1918 Robert Henry Woods Dublin University Independent Unionist Thomas Henry Burn Belfast St Anne's Labour Unionist Samuel McGuffin Belfast Shankill ... Sheehan Mid Cork Independent Labour 1906 William O'Brien Cork City Independent Nationalist Timothy Michael Healy North Louth Independent Nationalist Thomas Henry Sloan ...

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